Daroga Mamur Kirti Trailer: Ranjit Mallick & Nehal Dutta’s Maiden Collaboration

On February 21, 2024, Shree Jagannath Film & Entertainment released the official trailer of their upcoming film, Daroga Mamur Kirti. Directed by Nehal Dutta the film stars Ranjit Mallick, Kharaj Mukherjee, Ayaan, Prantika Das, and Laboni Sarkar in the supporting roles.

The 2-minute, 15-second trailer opens with news of increasing robberies in Kalinarayanpur, with complaints from common people labeling the police as the biggest thieves. Ranjit Mallick, known for his strict demeanor and record of disciplining criminals with his belt, is appointed as the Officer in Charge. In one scene, Ranjit Mallick is depicted romantically involved with Laboni Sarkar.

A competition is announced to steal the book "Geetanjali" from the Officer in Charge's home, with Kharaj Mukherjee appearing in various disguises. Will anyone succeed in taking the book? Will the new Officer in Charge be able to curb the crime wave?

The trailer highlights comedic scenes featuring Ranjit Mallick, adding to the film's appeal. Lakkhikanta Sen Sharma is credited as the story writer, while Sudip Das has penned the script and dialogue. Iswar Barik is in charge of cinematography, with Saptak Sanai Das composing the music. Tomal Chakraborty will handle the background score, and Somnath Dey is editing the film. Ayaan, Prantika Das, Sumit Ganguly, and Biswajit Chakraborty will play crucial roles in the movie.

Director Nehal Dutta's previous works include "Amar Challenge," "Jio Jamai," "E Tumi Kemon Tumi," "Angaar," and "Palatak." Ranjit Mallick was last seen in Tarokar Mrittyu, while Kharaj Mukherjee appeared in PradhanBogla Mama Jug Jug Jiyo last year and Shedin Kuasha Chilo this year.


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