Tarokar Mrityu (2023) Review: Ritwick Chakraborty delivers a noteworthy performance

Cast of Tarokar Mrityu (2023):

Ranjit Mallick, Ritwick Chakraborty, Parno Mittra, Soham Majumdar, Priyanka Mondal, Saswati Guhathakurta, Anindya Pulak Banerjee, Dr. Subhashish Ganguly

Director: Haranath Chakraborty

Release Date:

The film was released in theatres on 29th September 2023 & premiered on Addatimes on 10th November 2023.

Tarokar Mrityu (2023) Bengali Movie Review:

The story of Tarokar Mrityu revolves around Esha (Parno Mittra) and her husband, Atin Roy (Ritwick Chakraborty), a scriptwriter. They embark on a vacation to a resort in Kalimpang, but Esha is haunted by the trauma of their previous vacation at Western Resort, Bhubaneswar. Since then, she has experienced hallucinations of a man wearing a watch, his lifeless body floating in a pool.

One night, Esha faints in the bathroom, and when Atin rushes to her aid, he encounters another girl in a white dress who claims to be a ghost. When the investigation team, led by Rajen Mitra (Ranjit Mallick), arrives at the resort, Esha's body is mysteriously missing. The film explores why Esha was fixated on this particular person and unravels the mystery surrounding her fate, providing answers in the climax.

Haranath Chakraborty made his first foray into the mystery thriller genre with this film. Unfortunately, it did not resonate well, primarily due to the lackluster screenplay and dialogues by Padmanabha Dasgupta. While Supriyo Dutta's cinematography and Sujay Datta Ray's editing were serviceable, they did not elevate the film.

Ritwick Chakraborty's performance stands out throughout the movie. His character receives the attention it deserves, a common trait in projects featuring Ritwick Chakraborty, who consistently strives to meet audience expectations. In the same year, he delivered commendable performances in Gora 2, Abar Proloy, and Mr Kolketa, with the promise of more in upcoming projects like Ektu Sore Boshun and Rabindra Kabya Rahasyo.

Tarokar Mrityu marks the 183rd project in the illustrious career of versatile actor Ranjit Mallick, known for his significant contributions to Bengali cinema spanning the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. However, the writing of his character, Rajen Mitra, fell short, and his involvement in the investigation could have been crafted more effectively to bring out a better performance. The humor injected into the investigation scenes worked only in a few instances.

Parno Mittra as Esha appeared satisfactory, but the writing of her character lacked depth. Soham Majumdar, portraying Sunondo, delivered an acceptable performance. Nabarun Bose's music composition failed to meet expectations, falling short of the film's overall standard.


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