Dark Justice (2024) Trailer: Zaiul Faruque Apurba & Topu Khan’s Maiden Collaboration

Dark Justice (2024) Cast:

Zaiul Faruque Apurba, Rashed Mamun Apu, Monira Mithu, Irfan Sajjad, Saila Sabi, Makhnun Sultana Mahima, Anindita Mimi, Joy Raj, Shahed Ali Sujon, Soron K Saha, Shahana Rahman, Bashar Bappy, Raunak Ripon, Aniket Paul

Director: Topu Khan

Dark Justice (2024) Trailer Review:

On February 18th, 2024, Club 11 Entertainment unveiled the official trailer for their upcoming action-drama, Dark Justice. Directed by Topu Khan, the film stars Zaiul Faruque Apurba, Rashed Mamun Apu, Monira Mithu, Saila Sabi, & Irfan Sajjad in lead roles.

The nearly two-minute trailer showcases Zaiul Faruque Apurba as a judge who firmly believes in punishing criminals. Rashed Mamun Apu portrays a negative character attempting to bribe Zaiul Faruque Apurba to evade punishment.

In the trailer, the presentation of Zaiul Faruque Apurba's character is particularly impressive, capturing the essence of his role as a determined judge committed to dispensing justice.

The action sequences are compelling, accompanied by the impactful dialogue, "Dark justice is not always injustice." This film marks the first collaboration between Zaiul Faruque Apurba and Topu Khan.

Zaiul Faruque Apurba was previously featured in Buker Moddhe Agun, while Rashed Mamun Apu was last seen in Prohelika. Monira Mithu recently appeared in Osomoy on Bongo, and Topu Khan's previous directorial work was Password.

Akbor Haider Munna produced the film, with Delwar Hossain Dil penning the script and Topu Khan contributing to the screenplay. Forhad Hossen handles the cinematography, Arifin Sarker is responsible for editing, and Meer Masum and Revu manage the background score. Rajesh Kannan oversees the action choreography.


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