Ararat (2024) Web Series Review: Vicky Zahed's Impressive Storytelling

Vicky Zahed's directorial mystery thriller Ararat, starring Mehazabien Chowdhury and Shamol Mawla, premiered on Binge. The story of this 6-episode series revolves around Rupa (Mehazabien Chowdhury) and Rifat (Shamol Mawla), who suddenly face challenges in their married life.

Without any sufficient reason, Rupa wants to leave Rifat, which makes Rifat curious to learn whether he has a new partner or if something else is bothering her. He appoints a detective named Arifin (Azizul Hakim) to uncover the truth. Will Rifat be able to discover the reason behind Rupa's behavior?

Ararat has many positive aspects, with the engaging plot being the most notable one. It keeps viewers hooked throughout, showcasing Vicky Zahed's talent for brilliant storytelling. Following his recent release, Tikit, Ararat marks a commendable comeback for him.

Mehazabien Chowdhury shines as Rupa, delivering a standout performance in the series. Her chemistry with Shamol Mawla is palpable. Shamol Mawla, portraying the over-possessive husband Rifat, beautifully captures his character. The twist in the last episode is nicely incorporated into the plot. The background score by Aurnob Hasnat is impressive, while Bidrohi Dipon's cinematography and Jobayer Abir Peal's editing are satisfactory.

Azizul Hakim, as Detective Arifin, and Bijori Barkatullah, as Arifin’s wife Asma, provide convincing performances. The web series marks the 13th collaboration between Vicky Zahed and Mehazabien Chowdhury, demonstrating their growing synergy with each project.

Some scenes are brilliantly executed, including the conversation between Detective Arifin and his wife Asma (Bijori Barkatullah), which is beautifully presented. Detective Arifin emphasizes the importance of winning the client's trust to his wife Asma.


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