Srikanto Web Series Review: Sohini Sarkar delivers an impressive performance

Srikanto Web Series Review: Brilliant execution by director Sani Ghose Ray

Web Series: Srikanto

Director: Sani Ghose Ray (SGR)

Hoichoi's Srikanto Series Cast:

Sohini Sarkar, Rishav Basu, Angana Roy, Madhumita Sarcar, Sukrit Saha, Arunava Dey, June Malia

Srikanto Series Release Date:

Srikanto series comprising 9 episodes was released on 14th April 2022 on Hoichoi.

Srikanto Web Series Review: Story

Director Sani Ghose Ray’s web series Srikanto is the retelling of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s classic novel of the same name.

At the beginning of the story, young Srikanto was taking tips from Indro Da(Arunava Dey) to propose to his private tutor Rajlokkhi (Angana Roy). Once Indra da told him in Amrish Puri style from DDLJ, he rushed towards his home to change the dress, and looking into the mirror he tried to give a Shah Rukh Khan pose of DDLJ.

After reaching Rajlokkhi’s house he came to know that they left Halishahar due to her father’s transfer to Kolkata.

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Then we saw a grown-up Srikanto who is a designer & works in a boutique. Piyali is a high-profile & regular client of that boutique. She was a little worried when she came to know that their previous designer Tanvi left the store, but the store owner Sampurna(June Malia) assured her about Srikanto’s expertise.

Later Piyali told Srikanto about her real identity which brings them closer & they revisited their old memories. But she hid some important information about her from Srikanto. The rest of the story is about how their relationship progresses after Srikanto came to know about those secrets.

Srikanto Web Series Review: Performance & Analysis

It is good to see Sohini Sarkar taking on more challenging roles over time. After an unconvincing performance in Break Up Story, she delivered an outstanding performance in Mandaar which was directed by Anirban Bhattacharya. In Srikanto she looked stunning and she made it look like the Piyali character was made for her only.

Rishav Basu stumbles in a few scenes but overall it was a good effort from him. Angana Roy as young Rajlokkhi was convincing. Madhumita Sarcar in an extended cameo as Abhaya did a fantastic job.

Tamil Actress Gayathrie Shankar made her debut in the Bengali web series with Srikanto. She had a cameo as Piyali’s assistant Annie.

Srikanto is a brilliant execution by director Sani Ghose Ray. If we look at his previous direction Bonyo Premer Golpo, his directorial skills have improved a lot in executing such stories. Soumik Haldar’s cinematography & music & background score by Debayan Banerjee, Pralay Sarkar, and Anis Ahmed deserve special mention.

If we divide the story into three parts then we can see the first part was about the relationship between young Srikanto (Sukrit Saha) and young Rajlokkhi (Angana Roy), and the second part was about how their relationship grows when a grown-up Srikanto met Piyali & the third was about the relationship between Srikanto & Abhaya (Madhumita Sarcar).

Srikanto Review: Final Words

Srikanto is good for a one-time watch with a few noteworthy performances.


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