Sharey Showlo Web Series Trailer: Afran Nisho starrer mystery thriller premieres on 17th August

Sharey Showlo Series Cast:

Afran Nisho, Zakia Bari Mamo, Intekhab Dinar, Imtiaz Barshon, Kazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Shahed Ali, Md. Irfan Uddin Chowdhury, & Afia Tabassum Borno

Sharey Showlo (2023) Series Trailer: Yasir Al Haq and Afran Nisho’s Maiden Collaboration

On 5th August 2023, Hoichoi released the trailer of the upcoming mystery thriller Sharey Showlo. Directed by Yasir Al Haq, this web series is set to premiere on Hoichoi on 17th August 2023. The series features an ensemble cast including Afran Nisho, Zakia Bari Mamo, and Intekhab Dinar in leading roles.

The storytelling prowess of Yasir Al Haq shines through in Sharey Showlo, a tale that appears to revolve around themes of betrayal and revenge. The recently unveiled trailer, spanning 2 minutes and 43 seconds, introduces us to Lawyer Ashfaq Reza (played by Afran Nisho), the prime suspect in the murder of Natasha (portrayed by Afia Tabassum Borno), an incident that occurred on the 16.5th floor at Violet Inn. The central mystery lingers: Who is responsible for Natasha's death, and will the perpetrator face the appropriate consequences?

Afran Nisho is making waves due to his remarkable performance in Surongo. The Bangladeshi actor garnered acclaim by securing the Best Actor in a Negative Role award for his outstanding portrayal in Morichika. Similarly, Zakia Bari Mamo received recognition for her role in Mohanagar Season 1.

In addition to Afran Nisho and Zakia Bari Mamo, the series features a compelling cast: Intekhab Dinar as Rakib, Imtiaz Barshon as Altaf, Kazi Nawshaba Ahmed as Ayeha, Shahed Ali as Gaffar, Md. Irfan Uddin Chowdhury as Shafiq, and Afia Tabassum Borno as Natasha. Their performances are anticipated to captivate and engage you, ensuring an enthralling viewing experience.


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