Priyotoma Bangladeshi Film Review: Shakib Khan delivers career best performance

Director: Himel Ashraf

Priyotoma Cast:

Shakib Khan, Idhika Paul, Lutfur Rahman George, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Shiba Shanu, Elina Shammi, Lutfur Rahman Khan Shimanto, Shahid-Un-Nabi, Kazi Hayat, Jahid Islam, Imtu Ratish, Pran Roy

Release Date:

The film was released in theatres on 29th June 2023 in Bangladesh & on 7th July 2023 in North America & on 23rd August 2023 on the OTT platform Bioscop.

Priyotoma Review: The story and the technical sides are pretty weak

The story of Priyotoma revolves around Sumon (Shakib Khan), a carefree young man, who lives with his father (Kazi Hayat), his brother Sujon (Shiba Shanu), and his sister-in-law (Elina Shammi). The sudden and tragic death of Sujon leaves the entire family, including Sumon, in shock.

Following Sujon's death, Sumon's sister-in-law seeks to claim their rightful business share from Usman (Shahiduzzaman Selim), Sumon's business partner. However, her attempt results in her being subjected to violence and abuse from Usman's gang. Enraged by this, Sumon takes matters into his own hands and confronts Usman and his gang, seeking revenge for their actions.

Desperate for a solution, Sumon approaches the police to help recover their business share from Usman. He is directed to Mr. Khalek (Lutfur Rahman George), the former Chairman of Cox Bazar, who intervenes and resolves the issue. Mr. Khalek insists that Sumon stay with his family until the situation improves.

During this time, Sumon crosses paths with Mr. Khalek's daughter, Iti (Idhika Paul), and he instantly falls for her. As time passes, Iti also finds herself falling for Sumon. The film explores whether Sumon and Iti's blossoming romance will lead to a happy ending.

Priyotoma undeniably stands as Shakib Khan's most outstanding film in his career. Director Himel Ashraf deserves commendation for presenting Shakib Khan in a dynamic role. His charisma shines through in action sequences and the song "Qurbani Qurbani," earning him applause. In this film, Khan's dialogue delivery surpasses his previous works.

Idhika Paul convincingly portrays Iti. She captivates the audience, particularly in the song "O Priyotoma," and garners praise for her emotive scenes. The chemistry between Sumon and Iti is skillfully developed.

While the plot itself offers no groundbreaking elements, its execution is praiseworthy. Despite the somewhat predictable storyline, the film earns accolades for its direction. However, shortcomings are noted in the film's plot, background score, cinematography by Saiful Islam Shahin, editing by Simit Ray Antor, and camera work.

The film's success as the highest-grossing Bangladeshi film can be attributed to Shakib Khan's exceptional performance. The final half-hour of the movie is notably well-executed.

Action director Rajesh Kannan collaborates with Shakib Khan for the fourth time, following "Shikari," "Nabab," and "Chalbaaz." The late Faruk Hossain is credited with the film's story, while Himel Ashraf and Faruk Hossain jointly handle the screenplay and dialogues.

Director Himel Ashraf's romantic drama Priyotoma is worth a single viewing, primarily due to Shakib Khan's remarkable performance and the chemistry shared between Shakib Khan and Idhika Paul.


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