Sharey Showlo Web Series Review: Afran Nisho shines in this murder mystery

Hoichoi’s Sharey Showlo Cast:

Afran Nisho, Zakia Bari Mamo, Intekhab Dinar, Imtiaz Barshon, Kazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Shahed Ali, Md. Irfan Uddin Chowdhury, & Afia Tabassum Borno

Director: Yasir Al Haq

Hoichoi’s Sharey Showlo Release Date:

The series comprising 6 episodes was released on Hoichoi on 17th August 2023.

Sharey Showlo (2023) Review:

The storyline of the murder mystery Sharey Showlo revolves around the enigmatic demise of Natasha (Afia Tabassum Borno) on the unusual 16.5th floor of the Violet Inn. The prime suspect in this case is lawyer Ashfaq Reza (Afran Nisho), who had spent time with Natasha in room number 1652 on the same floor prior to her demise.

Upon the crime scene's discovery, various individuals converge, including journalist Rini (Zakia Bari Mamo), on the hunt for her next captivating story; Raqib, CEO of Kepler (Intekhab Dinar); and Police Officer Altaf (Imtiaz Barshon).

Their collective purpose is to interrogate Ashfaq Reza and ascertain his culpability. Throughout the series, Ashfaq Reza tirelessly endeavors to vindicate himself. The central mystery pertains to who might have killed Natasha and the motive behind it, all while Ashfaq Reza strives to prove his innocence.

Distinguishing itself from conventional murder mysteries, "Sharey Showlo" engages differently. However, the series suffers from a somewhat sluggish pace, and an abundance of subplots could potentially detract from sustained interest. The predictability of the plot becomes evident as connections between characters gradually unveil, offering viewers a clearer perspective on the narrative's development.

Afran Nisho stands out as the series' main attraction, delivering a performance that is sure to captivate. His ability to hold the show's appeal single-handedly deserves commendation. This is further exemplified by his impressive performance in the recent film "Surongo."

Zakia Bari Mamo's portrayal of journalist Rini is convincing, and Intekhab Dinar's depiction of Kepler CEO Raqib is satisfactory. However, it seems that director Yasir Al Haq could have more effectively utilized Dinar's potential. Imtiaz Barshon, in the role of Police Officer Altaf, finds his character with limited depth within the script.

Decent contributions are made by editor Anis Masud and cinematographer Tuhin Tamijul. Notably, the music and background score by Tinu Rashid deserve special recognition for periodically enhancing the thriller's intensity. On the other hand, the screenplay and dialogues by Adnan Habib and Imtiaz Hossain reveal themselves as weaker aspects of the series.

In conclusion, "Sharey Showlo" on Hoichoi merits consideration for a single viewing due to Afran Nisho's commendable performance. However, its plot may not entirely sustain your engagement.


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