Mohanagar Series Review: Mosharraf Karim Stole The Show

Mohanagar Web Series Review

Web Series: Mohanagar

Director: Ashfaque Nipun

Background Score: Jahid Nirob

Mohanagar Web Series Cast:

Mosharraf Karim, Zakia Bari Mamo, Mostafizur Noor Imran, Shamol Mawla, Khairul Basar, Lutfar Rahman George, Shahed Ali, Rukaia Jahan Chomok

Release Date:

The series comprising 8 episodes was released on 25th June 2021 on Hoichoi.

Story & Performances:

Hoichoi’s latest crime thriller Mohanagar web series is directed by Ashfaque Nipun. The story revolves around the investigation of a hit-and-run case. The corrupted and greedy police officer Harun (Mosharraf Karim) is the officer in charge at Kotwali Police Station in Dhaka.

Afnan Chowdhury (Shamol Mawla) is the prime suspect of the case. He is the son of a reputed businessman of the city. After coming to know about his background Harun decided to manipulate the evidence in exchange for a hefty amount from Afnan’s father.

Sub-inspector Moloy Kumar (Mostafizur Noor Imran) is an honest and dutiful officer. An innocent techie Abir (Khairul Basar) was taken to the police station without any fault. Harun then planned to frame Abir as the prime suspect just to release Afnan.

Understanding the urgency of the case ACP Shahana(Zakia Bari Mamo) was sent to the police station that night to solve the case as soon as possible. Knowing that the situation was moving towards worse and an innocent could suffer, Moloy started to find out clues to release innocent Abir from the case.

Was Harun successful in saving Afnan? Did Moloy successfully saved Abir? Could ACP Shahana understand the conspiracy of Harun for misleading her? To know the answers you have to watch “Mohanagar” on Hoichoi.

Ashfaque Nipun deserves appreciation for the way he developed the characters with the progress of the series.

You will be quite surprised by the way Mosharraf Karim has portrayed the character of Harun almost perfectly. But we should not be surprised if makers announce Mahanagar season 2 release date in near future.

Mostafizur Noor Imran, Zakia Bari Mamo, Shamol Mawla, Khairul Basar also provided noteworthy performances.

What is good about the Mohanagar web series season 1?

It was Mosharraf Karim who made the difference to this gripping story of the Mohanagar series with his mind-blowing performance. The background score by Jahid Nirob was also quite good.

What is bad about the Mohanagar web series season 1?

The Mohanagar web series looked a bit slow in the first couple of episodes. Some sequences were repetitive in the beginning.

Mohanagar Web Series Trailer:

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