Surongo (2023) Review: Raihan Rafi impresses with brilliant storytelling

Director: Raihan Rafi

Surongo (2023) Movie Cast:

Afran Nisho, Tama Mirza, Mostafa Monwar, Nusrat Faria

Surongo (2023) Movie Review:

The story of Surongo revolves around Masud (Afran Nisho), an electrician, who falls in love with Moyna (Tama Mirza) at first sight. They marry, but after their marriage, Masud struggles to meet Moyna's needs. In an attempt to fulfill these needs, Moyna suggests that Masud travel abroad to earn more money.

Masud's close friend Jahir (Mostafa Monwar) offers to take care of Moyna during Masud's absence. Soon, Jahir starts providing money and gifts to Moyna. Over time, they become attracted to each other and engage in a physical relationship, which initially leaves Moyna feeling guilty, but she eventually becomes accustomed to it.

Moyna eventually leaves home with Jahir before Masud's return. Upon Masud's arrival, he searches everywhere for her but cannot locate her. Finally, he tracks her down and informs her of his plan to execute a bank heist that could make them wealthy overnight. The story unfolds with questions: Will Masud succeed in the bank heist? Can he reclaim Moyna in his life?

Plot-wise, Surongo doesn't introduce anything groundbreaking. However, the film has garnered significant praise from audiences for Raihan Rafi's exceptional storytelling and the strong performances delivered by Afran Nisho and Tama Mirza. Raihan Rafi effectively connects the audience with Masud's emotional struggle. The chemistry between Masud and Moyna is skillfully developed in the script.

Nazim Ud Daula's subpar writing may leave you disappointed. On a positive note, Suman Sarkar's cinematography and Sumit Roy's editing deserve acknowledgment for their commendable work.

Afran Nisho delivers a compelling performance as Masud, evoking the pain he experiences during Moyna's absence. His unwavering determination to meet Moyna's needs at any cost is portrayed convincingly.

Tama Mirza portrays Moyna as a materialistic woman with conviction, delivering precisely what the role demands. However, the chemistry between Moyna and Jahir is somewhat lacking in development, making their relationship feel less authentic. Mostafa Monwar provides solid support in his portrayal of Jahir.

The revenge drama Surongo is a worthwhile watch due to Raihan Rafi's impactful storytelling and the strong performances delivered by Afran Nisho and Tama Mirza. The film was released in theatres on Eid al-Adha 2023 in Bangladesh, & on 21st July 2023 in West Bengal.


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