Bodhon 2 (2023) Official Poster Unveiled

On November 18, 2023, Hoichoi, the popular OTT platform, unveiled the official poster for their upcoming social thriller, Bodhon 2. Directed by Aditi Roy, the series stars Sandipta Sen in the lead role as Raka Sen and is scheduled to premiere on Hoichoi this December.

This series marks the third collaboration between director Aditi Roy and actress Sandipta Sen, following their work on Bodhon and Noshtoneer. They are set to collaborate once again in Noshtoneer 2.

The official poster showcases Sandipta Sen in a compelling and intense look, with blood on her forehead, gripping a metal pipe stained with blood. The series is set to depict Raka Sen's struggle against various societal issues on multiple levels.

It seems like Bodhon 2 promises an intriguing mystery thriller with the dynamic duo of Aditi Roy and Sandipta Sen at the helm, delivering a gripping narrative that addresses societal challenges. Sarbari Ghosal has written the screenplay and dialogues of this series.

The announcement teaser of this series was unveiled on 15th November 2023.

Bodhon 2 Web Series Official Poster

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