Noshtoneer 2 Web Series: Aditi Roy & Sandipta Sen's 3rd Collaboration

Noshtoneer 2 Cast:

Sandipta Sen, Shoumo Banerjee

Director: Aditi Roy

Noshtoneer 2 Web Series:

Noshtoneer has revealed the inner turmoil that Aparna aka Apu (Sandipta Sen), grapples with following her husband Rishav's (Shoumo Banerjee) arrest during the #MeToo movement, which tragically led to the demise of the victim, Godhuli Basak (Angana Roy).

To mark the grand occasion of Hoichoi's 7th season, director Aditi Roy has announced her upcoming web series, Noshtoneer 2. The screenplay and dialogues have been written by Samragnee Bandyopadhyay. An announcement teaser featuring Sandipta Sen, who is the female lead of the series, has been released.

This teaser provides a glimpse into the storyline, wherein Apu faces an arduous battle—struggling against her own inner conflicts, societal pressures, and her husband, all for the sake of providing her daughter, Mithi, a brighter future.

The teaser poignantly features a photo frame displaying Sandipta Sen and her husband Shoumo Banerjee, with their daughter at the center.

In a reflective moment, Apu stands before a mirror, and her reflection inquires, "What are you thinking about?"

She replies, "I am wondering what's going to happen."

Her reflection persists, "What if your daughter asks about her father? How will you respond?"

Apu contemplates, "I will have to think about it, at least for her sake."

The reflection continues, "What will be the father's identity for your new baby?"

Apu reflects, "Identity? With every phase of life, one's identity changes; you never know when things change."

The reflection probes further, "Have you thought about the future? Why did you suddenly decide to divorce him?"

Apu explains, "The sudden turn of events compelled me to..."

Her reflection presses on, "Can you live alone? Will you be able to handle society's contempt and people's judgment?"

Apu asserts, "I have to, but Rishabh..." The reflection offers, "People often stay in marriages for their children, so..."

Apu acknowledges, "Mithi is there, but that didn't stop him."

The reflection asks, "What are your plans? Where will you go? After all, women don't have a home to call their own."

Subsequently, the photo frame slips from her grasp, leaving us in suspense about Apu's next steps. Answers to these questions will be unraveled in Noshtoneer 2.

This series marks the 3rd collaboration between director Aditi Roy and actress Sandipta Sen, following Noshtoneer Season 1 and Bodhon, with another collaboration set for Bodhon 2.

Announcement Teaser Link:

Noshtoneer 2

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