Bodhon Web Series Review: Ditipriya Roy delivers a magnificent performance

Director: Aditi Roy

Release Date:

Bodhon season 1 comprising 8 episodes was released on 30th September 2022 on Hoichoi.

Bodhon Web Series Cast:

Sandipta Sen, Ditipriya Roy, Kaushik Roy, Chandrayee Ghosh, Pushpita Mukherjee, Honey Bafna, Gulshanara Khatun, Jeet Sundor, Indrajit Majumdar, Kaushik Chattopadhyay, Arghya Mukherjee

Bodhon (2022) Hoichoi Review:  Story, Performances & Analysis

Raka Sen (Sandipta Sen) returns to her college as a professor. On her arrival day while waiting at the traffic signal she found a car beside her where a girl inside the car was looking a bit uncomfortable with a few boys and maybe she was trying to tell something. Raka was observing and just when she realized that the girl needed help, she tried to step out of the car but the traffic signal became green and that car left. 

She was about to follow them but her car broke down. DM Riju Sanyal(Kaushik Roy) was passing by so she offered help but till then Raka herself solved the problem. She arrives at her college where she is questioned by one of the senior professors about her dressing preferences. After she returned from her class, she came to know that one of their students Shinjini Mukherjee (Ditipriya Roy) got gang-raped.

She was vocal about supporting Shinjini during this tough time while none of the college officials were ready to do so. Shinjini’s mother (Pushpita Mukherjee) was well aware of the power of those people so she was afraid of registering a police complaint about this. Will Raka be able to help Shinjini in getting justice? 

The strongest part of Bodhon season 1 was Ditipriya Roy’s magnificent performance & the weakest part of the series was the dialogues and the editing was also not good. Sandip Sen as Raka did a fantastic job. Sandipta Sen’s best scene was when she was giving a lesson to an unknown person who was blocking her on the road. Chandrayee Ghosh looked okay in a few scenes. Kaushik Roy and Gulshanara Khatun provided decent performances with their respective characters. Director Aditi Roy failed to give sufficient focus on the required areas to make this series more engaging.

The best scene of Bodhon season 1 was in the climax after Ditipriya Roy’s dialogues which reflects how powerful she has become to overcome every obstacle, some people were carrying the idol of Goddess Durga.

The worst part of the series was the courtroom drama. In parts, the series looked quite similar to Sohini Sarkar starring Sampurna. Still, in Sampurna the story had various sub-plots which were more engaging but in Bodhon season 1 it looked like the first 3 episodes were running a loop. The detailing about when and why Raka left before was missing. Also, her relationship with Som before she left deserved a bit more focus. The way the series ended looks like we will get Bodhon season 2 soon.

Final Words

Bodhon Season 1 mainly depends on Ditipriya Roy’s magnificent performance; the story is nothing new, so it is good for a one-time watch only.


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