Bodhon 2 (2023): Hoichoi Unveiled Announcement Teaser

Bodhon 2 (2023) Cast:

Sandipta Sen

Director: Aditi Roy

Release Date:

The series premieres on Hoichoi this December

Bodhon 2 (2023) Web Series: Sandipta Sen as Raka Sen Returns This December

On November 15, 2023, Hoichoi unveiled the announcement teaser for their upcoming web series Bodhon 2. This series serves as the sequel to Bodhon, which premiered on Hoichoi in September 2022. The plot revolves around Professor Raka Sen's (Sandipta Sen) pursuit of justice against those responsible for the gang rape of Shinjini Mukherjee (Ditipriya Roy).

Directed by Aditi Roy, with Sarbari Ghosal handling the screenplay and dialogues, Bodhon 2 is set to premiere on Hoichoi in December of this year.

The brief, two-minute teaser begins with Raka Sen (Sandipta Sen) strolling peacefully down the streets of Ipilpur, wearing a soft smile. However, her tranquility is disrupted when a malevolent individual leers at her inappropriately. A few steps away, another individual questions the possibility of his marriage to his girlfriend Kurchi, considering their different castes.

As Raka continues her walk, another person approaches her with a grievance – the Choudhuris allegedly killed his uncle, and he seeks justice through the legal system. Moving forward, a distraught girl confides in Raka, expressing fear of falling victim to human trafficking disguised as marriage. She reveals that her education has been halted, pleading with Raka to rescue her.

From the teaser, it becomes evident that this time, Raka will confront a variety of societal issues, showcasing her determination to combat injustice on multiple fronts. The official poster was unveiled on 18th November 2023.

Announcement Teaser:

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