Noshtoneer Series Review: Sandipta Sen as Apu looks convincing

Director: Aditi Roy

Noshtoneer Cast:

Sandipta Sen, Shoumo Banerjee, Angana Roy, Rooqma Ray, Anindya Chatterjee, Rahul Dev Bose, Lokenath Dey, Nabonita Malakar, Sampurnaa Mandal, Arunava Dey, Sumana Mukhopadhyay, Durbar Sharma, Sampa Mukherjee, Debnath Chatterjee

Release Date:

The series comprising 6 episodes was released on Hoichoi on 9th June 2023

Noshtoneer Review: Story & Performances

The Bengali series Noshtoneer revolves around Aparna, also known as Apu (Sandipta Sen), who has a seemingly perfect family consisting of her husband Rishav (Shoumo Banerjee) and their daughter Mithi. Aparna is passionate about sewing and owns a boutique, while Rishav works as a Philosophy Professor. Everything was going well until Godhuli Basak (Angana Roy), an ex-student of Rishav, posted a #Metoo accusation on social media, claiming that Rishav sexually exploited her and leading to her attempted suicide after becoming pregnant. Rishav was immediately arrested due to public outcry and numerous tags to the Kolkata Police in the comment section of the post.

The remainder of the story will unfold as we discover whether Aparna will choose to support her husband or fight for justice on behalf of Godhuli.

One positive aspect of this series is the presence of Sandipta Sen, whose portrayal of Apu is commendable. She effectively handles the emotional scenes and portrays Apu's inner struggle convincingly.

However, the series falters due to poor storytelling by Aditi Roy and immature dialogues and writing by Samragnee Bandopadhyay. The attempt to connect a person's childhood desires with their adult behavior of forcing themselves on someone does not make sense.

The story becomes predictable right from the first episode. One disappointing aspect of the series is that it fails to capitalize on its potential as a mystery thriller and instead leans more towards a family drama in its execution.

Angana Roy as Godhuli Basak delivers an acceptable performance, but her character deserved more focus, particularly in terms of exploring her relationship development with Rishav. The writer could have also given more attention to developing the chemistry between Namrata (Rooqma Ray) and Soumya (Anindya Chatterjee).

Shoumo Banerjee as Rishav receives significant screen time but fails to leave a lasting impression. On the other hand, Lokenath Dey shines as Lawyer Akhilesh Pradhan. The lyrics and original compositions by Rabindranath Tagore, as well as the music and background score by Subhadeep Guha, are heart-touching. The editing by Malay Laha could have been improved, while Cinematographer Aalok Maiti does a decent job.

With more focus on the writing and execution, the series could have been worth watching. If you enjoy family dramas, you may choose to watch Noshtoneer, but otherwise, I recommend checking out the Rajneeti series on Hoichoi.


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