Bagha Jatin Teaser: Dev as Jatindranath Mukhopadhyay looks stunning

Bagha Jatin (2023) Movie Cast:

Dev, Sreeja Dutta, Sudipta Chakraborty, Samiul Alam, Sajal Mondal, Carl A. Harte, Kallol De, Alexandra Taylor, Sumanta Roy, Sandip Ghosh, Gurshaan Singh, Rohaan Bhattacharjee, Arohi Bakhuli

Director: Arun Roy

Bagha Jatin (2023) Bengali Movie Teaser:

Dev's portrayal of Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari in Golondaaj left a lasting impression, and many of us eagerly awaited his role as a freedom fighter. Director Arun Roy granted our wishes.

Dev Entertainment Ventures recently unveiled the teaser for the highly anticipated period biographical film Bagha Jatin on 9th September 2023. The film is set to hit theaters on 19th October 2023, coinciding with Durga Puja, and will be released in Pan India in both Hindi and Bengali.

The 1-minute and 30-second teaser showcases Dev's remarkable performance as Jatindranath Mukhopadhyay. His portrayal of how he challenged the British Empire promises to be enthralling. Another noteworthy scene in the film depicts his encounter with a tiger, which boasts impressive visual effects.

Dev, in the role of Jatindranath Mukhopadhyay, shines brilliantly. Nilayan Chatterjee, who previously collaborated with Dev on Pathikrit Basu's family drama Kacher Manush and Rahool Mukherjee's romantic comedy Kishmish, has composed the film's music.

The teaser packs a punch when one of the British characters asks Dev, "What is your true identity?" and Dev responds firmly, "I am an Indian, that's my identity." Towards the end of the teaser, his dialogue resonates powerfully, "I will come back for sure, either as a citizen of Independent India or as a dream of freedom."

The teaser also offers glimpses of Sreeja Dutta as Jatindranath Mukhopadhyay's wife, Indubala Banerjee, Sudipta Chakraborty as his elder sister, Binodibala, and Samiul Alam as Kshudiram Bose. The film boasts an ensemble cast, including Sajal Mondal, Carl A. Harte, Kallol De, Alexandra Taylor, Sumanta Roy, Sandip Ghosh, Gurshaan Singh, Rohaan Bhattacharjee, and Arohi Bakhuli.

Bagha Jatin could mark a significant milestone in Dev's career, as he continues to take on challenging roles, as seen in his works in the detective thriller Byomkesh O Durgo Rahosyo directed by Birsa Dasgupta, the family drama Projapoti directed by Avijit Sen, and the action thriller Challenge directed by Raj Chakraborty.

This Durga Puja season promises an exciting clash at the box office, with Bagha Jatin facing off against Abir Chatterjee, Mimi Chakraborty, and Victor Banerjee starrer Raktabeej, Koel Mallick's Jongole Mitin Mashi, and Prosenjit, Anirban Bhattacharya, Jisshu Sengupta, and Jaya Ahsan starrer Dawshom Awbotaar.


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