Golondaaj Movie Review: Dev and Dhrubo Banerjee Gave More Reasons To Visit Cinema Halls Again

Golondaaj Movie Review

Director: Dhrubo Banerjee

Music Director: Bickram Ghosh

Release Date:

"Golondaaj" was released in theatres on 10th October 2021, on the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja. "Golondaaj" OTT release date has not been announced yet.

Golondaaj Movie Cast:

Dev, Ishaa Saha, Anirban Bhattacharya, Alexx O'Nell, Indrasish Roy, John Bhattacharya, Ankit Majumder, Padmanabha Dasgupta, Srikanta Acharya, Joydip Mukherjee, Ujaan Chatterjee, Tulika Basu, Mirchi Agni, Dulal Dey

Golondaaj Movie Story & Performances:

If you have visited the cinema hall during this Durga Puja, then certainly have realized what it means to movie lovers going and enjoy movies in theatres. In the mid of the pandemic when we are struggling to get back to normal life, the whistles and clapping of audiences have started making movie watching a pleasant experience once again.

The story of “Golondaaj” revolves around Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari(Dev), his struggles, and his rise to become the father of Indian football. His love for football became quite visible from his childhood days. It was the story of the time when the British were ruling us and depriving us of everything. They did not allow us to play the game; even we were not allowed to step into the ground.

Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari was not someone to accept the defeat instead he believed in fighting & winning the game. He has immense contribution towards making many football clubs for the awareness of the game among the people.

Before “Golondaaj”, out of his many movies I liked Dev’s performance in two movies, first in director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s movie “Chander Pahar” and the second in director Srijit Mukherji’s movie “Zulfiqar”.

Let me admit the fact that Dev has just delivered his career-best performance in “Golondaaj”. His performance as the character of Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari has certainly raised the bar of audiences’ expectations from him as well as from the Bengali Film Industry.

Anirban Bhattacharya was seen in a very special character of Bhargab and like his every other role he did not miss to impress you with his charismatic performance here. Ishaa Saha as Nagendra's wife Kamalini was highly impressive during short screen presence. Not to forget Ankit Majumder the young guy who has portrayed the character of young Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari was simply outstanding. The rest of the supporting actors also provided very good contributions with their respective characters. 

Bickram Ghosh was at his best in creating his magical composition once again, though a few of the songs looked forcefully inserted into the narrative.

The collaboration of the trio of Dev, Dhrubo Bannerjee & Bickram Ghosh has resulted in a blockbuster like “Golondaaj”. We would like to see more such collaborations that would take the Bengali Film Industry to the next level.

Final Words About Golondaaj Review:

I will definitely not ruin your interest by explaining the whole story here instead will insist that you should go and watch “Golondaaj” in the cinema hall only for the best cinematic experience.

Golondaaj Trailer:

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