Kacher Manush Trailer Review: Dev and Prosenjit Chatterjee’s second collaboration looks like a promising family drama

Director: Pathikrit Basu

Kacher Manush Cast:

Dev, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Ishaa Saha, Susmita Chatterjee, Tulika Basu

Trailer Release Date:

As promised by Dev earlier Kacher Manush Trailer has been released on 26th August 2022 and the movie will be released in theatres on 30th September 2022.

Kacher Manush Trailer Review:

The 2 minutes 54 seconds trailer of Kacher Manush started with a dialogue featuring the acting stalwart Anup Kumar and Bikash Roy from director Rajen Tarafdar’s movie Jiban Kahini. Maybe one of the reasons to refer to this scene is a little bit of similarity in the plot Kacher Manush has with Jiban Kahini.

In Jiban Kahini(Jeeban Kahini) we saw Navjeevan(Bikash Roy), an insurance agent tried to commit suicide after being unable to repay loans, which leads to the creditor’s (Tarun Kumar Chatterjee) misbehaviour with Navjeevan’s daughter Shamoli(Sandhya Roy). 

Navjeevan changed his thoughts when he found Amar(Anup Kumar) trying to commit suicide. He convinced Amar to buy insurance from him which will save Navjeevan’s life.

Coming back to the trailer of Kacher Manush, it was a bit lengthy. And though there might be some twists in it, much of the story looks clear during this 174 seconds trailer.

Dev and Prosenjit Chatterjee will share the screen after Cockpit, while we will see Dev-Ishaa pair again after Golondaaj. There are high expectations from this movie as Dev’s last few movies like Tonic, Kishmish, and Golondaaj performed well at the Box Office. Dev will also feature in upcoming movies like Projapoti, Bagha Jatin, and Raghu Dakat.

Prosenjit Chatterjee’s previous two movies Kakababur Protyaborton and Aay Khuku Aay did not live up to the expectations so definitely, so fans are eagerly waiting to see his on-screen magic again.

Ishaa Saha has certainly taken on some new challenges in the last couple of years which has been highly appreciated by audiences. She has delivered some good performances in Golondaaj as well as web series like Indu season 1 and Gora and hopefully, she will continue to impress audiences in coming movies like Karnasubarner Guptodhon, and Kolkata Cholontika too.

It was certainly a great opportunity for the young director Pathikrit Basu to direct two superstars in the same movie, now we have to wait and see how many expectations this pair can fulfill.


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