Sanak Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal & Rukmini Maitra Saved This Hostage Drama

Sanak Movie Review

Director: Kanishk Varma

Sanak Movie Cast:

Vidyut Jammwal,  Rukmini Maitra, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Neha Dhupia, Kiran Karmakar, Sunil Palwal, Adrija Sinha, Chandan Roy

Release Date:

Kanishk Varma’s “Sanak” started streaming on Disney+Hotstar on 15th October 2021.

Sanak Movie Review: Story

There have been too many hostage dramas releasing in Bollywood these days. The last one before “Sanak” was Akshay Kumar starrer movie “Bell Bottom”. So, is there anything new “Sanak” has brought to the table? To get the answer let’s dig into it.

“Tumhe bachcha nehi chahiye kya?” was the first dialogue of Sanak, coming from Vivaan Ahuja(Vidyut Jammwal) to his wife Anshika Maitra(Rukmini Maitra) while celebrating their 3rd anniversary. You might be wondering why I have even bothered to mention the first dialogue of the movie? Well, the same dialogue was also used in the climax in a different situation.

Anshika was diagnosed with a rare heart problem and needed immediate surgery. Vivaan agreed with the doctor and Anshika was admitted to the hospital for the surgery. Post-surgery just when the doctor declared her fit and good enough to be discharged after a routine check-up, a group of terrorists led by Saju Solanki(Chandan Roy Sanyal) attacked the hospital and took the people inside it as their hostages. The rest of the story is about how Vivaan single-handedly fought with the terrorists and rescued the people.

Sanak Movie Review: Performances & Analysis

Rukmini Maitra probably had a dream Bollywood debut with Sanak. She was just spectacular as Anshika. Whether you talk about the emotional scenes or sharing good on-screen chemistry with one of the best action heroes of Bollywood, she was outstanding.

Vidyut Jammwal’s character of a caring husband Vivaan was highly impressive. His dialogue delivery, action sequences were far better than whatever we have seen in his last 3 movies Yaara, Khuda Haafiz, The Power. He will be also seen in upcoming movies like Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 & “IB71”.

Chandan Roy Sanyal as the antagonist of Sanak didn’t disappoint either. He received accolades for his performance as a supporting actor in the web series Aashram starring Bobby Deol. Chandan Roy who delivered a top-notch performance in director Deepak Kumar Mishra’s web series Panchayat starring Jitendra Kumar, provided a valuable contribution in a cameo as Riyaz Ahmed.

Neha Dhupia as Jayati Bhargav, Kiran Karmakar as Ajay Pal Singh & Adrija Sinha as Jayati’s daughter Ananya also supported well with their respective characters.

Final words about Sanak movie review:

In terms of the storyline, Sanak didn’t bring any uniqueness & which indicates director Kanishk Varma & writer Ashish P Verma’s failure in having broader imagination. But the action sequences and the chemistry between Vidyut Jammwal and Rukmini Maitra were enough to make your 117-minutes journey entertaining.

Sanak Trailer:

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