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Writer & Director: Faruk Kabir

Producer: Kumar Mangat Pathak, Abhishek Pathak

Music: Mithoon

Khuda Haafiz Cast:

Vidyut Jammwal, Shivaleeka Oberoi, Annu Kapoor, Aahana Kumra, and Shiv Panditt


Khuda Haafiz Review: Story & Performances

Vidyut Jammwal starring Khuda Haafiz movie released on 14th August 2020. The main plot of this movie revolves around Sameer, a software engineer (played by Vidyut Jammwal) went to the Middle-Eastern country of Noman in search for his missing wife Nargis (played by Shivaleeka Oberoi).

Both of their families met for the purpose of their arranged marriage, where they fell for each other on the very first meeting. Just after their marriage recession hits the world so badly that both of them lost their job. After sitting home jobless for almost 3 months they applied for jobs in Noman with the help of an agent Nadeem (played by Vipin Sharma).

While Nargis got a quick response to join the job, Sameer was yet to receive any such response. He was in hesitation initially to let her go alone to Noman but Nadeem assures him of her safety, so he agrees. Just after her arrival Sameer received a call and get to know that Nargis is in danger. He rushed to Nadeem’s office along with the police but Nadeem informed them about having no information of Nargis’s arrival in Noman.

The information from Nadeem makes Sameer more worried about his wife and he immediately left for Noman where he met with taxi driver Usman Ali Murad (played by Annu Kapoor). Seeing Sameer’s helpless condition Usman decided to help him to find out his wife. During this search, they were helped by two local cops Faiz Abu Malik (played by Shiv Panditt) and Tamena Hamid (played by Aahana Kumra). The rest of the story revolves around whether Sameer can find her wife or not.

Director Faruk Kabir made his directorial debut with the short film The Awakening starring Ajay Devgan in 2006. He has definitely left some good impact through his writing and direction in Khuda Haafiz movie. His upcoming multi-starrer web series has been titled Shockers, which is India’s first horror web series.

Vidyut Jammwal is having a good run of movies for quite some time. Other than action movies he is also choosing different types of content now. His previous movie “Yaara” was based on the friendship of four friends and how their lives changed over time. In Khuda Haafiz we have seen him playing an ordinary man who faces and overcomes many hurdles to find his missing wife. The action sequences which are the best strength of Vidyut Jammwal were too good here.

Shivaleeka Oberoi didn’t get much scope as per the story but was good enough during her short presence also. Annu Kapoor was a standout here and his dialogue delivery was excellent throughout. Shiv Panditt and Aahana Kumra had played their part quite good but their accent was not so pleasant.

Mithoon has tried quite well to offer some good songs and the title track as well as “Jaan Ban Gaye” was something that will keep you engaged in it for some time.

The film is streaming on Disney+Hotstar VIP.

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