Preme Pora Baron Trailer: Anindya Sengupta's performance and the music sound promising

Release Date:

The series will premiere on Addatimes on 14th February 2024.

Preme Pora Baron (2024) Web Series Trailer Review:

On January 5th, 2024, Addatimes unveiled the trailer of their upcoming romantic comedy web series, Preme Pora Baron. Directed by Arijeet Toton Chakraborty, the series stars Anindya Sengupta & Debchandrima as the male and female leads respectively, and will premiere on Addatimes during Valentine's week this month.

The 2-minute trailer highlights a brief about the plot revolving around Rono (Anindya Sengupta), a carefree, daring young man who meets Mitul (Debchandrima) during Saraswati Puja and falls in love with her. The story takes a turn when Rono seeks Mitul's father's permission to marry her. Will Rono and Mitul get married?

Anindya Sengupta's performance and Savvy's music are the major highlights of this trailer. Srijit Mukherji directorial X=Prem fame actor shows potential and convincingly portrays Rono in this trailer. Debchandrima as Mitul also delivers a good performance. Bharat Kaul will be seen in a crucial role in this film.

The story of Preme Pora Baron appears promising, and with proper execution, we may witness a superhit romantic comedy after a long time. The look and feel of this trailer may remind you of Raj Chakraborty's Prem Amar, which was a blockbuster film. We don't often see this kind of romantic drama in Bengali cinema nowadays.

Sudip Das has penned the script and dialogues, also serving as the creative director, while Iswar Barik and Basudev Chakraborty handle cinematography, and MD Kalam takes charge of editing.


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