Preme Pora Baron (2024) Web Series: Addatimes Unveiled First Look Teaser

Preme Pora Baron (2024) Web Series Cast:

Anindya Sengupta, Debchandrima, Bharat Kaul

Director: Arijeet Toton Chakraborty 

Release Date:

The series will premiere on Addatimes this Valentine's week in February.

Preme Pora Baron (2024) Bengali Web Series First Look Teaser Review: 

On January 25th, 2024, Addatimes unveiled the first teaser of their upcoming romantic drama web series, "Preme Pora Baron." Directed by Arijeet Toton Chakraborty, the series stars Anindya Sengupta as the male lead, with Debchandrima, known for her roles in "Sanjher Baati" and "Shaheber Chithi," as the female lead. It is set to premiere on Addatimes during Valentine's week.

Anindya Sengupta portrays the character of Rono, while Debchandrima plays Mitul. The 1 minute 15-second teaser delves into the complexities of their relationship. Rono is depicted engaging in violence, subsequently being taken to the police station. Towards the end, a girl is shown attempting suicide, her face obscured from view. Mitul tells Rono that she never loved him and never will. Bharat Kaul is set to play a crucial role in the series.

Sudip Das has penned the script and dialogues, also serving as the creative director. Savvy is tasked with composing the music, while Iswar Barik and Basudev Chakraborty handle cinematography, and MD Kalam takes charge of editing.

Anindya Sengupta's previous works include "X=Prem," "Hostel Days," and "Kadak Singh," while Bharat Kaul was recently seen in "Toke Chhara Banchbo Na" and "Hatyapuri" in 2022, and "Khyapa 4" in 2023. Arijeet Toton Chakraborty previously directed "Anando Ashram" on Platform8. Additionally, Debchandrima is set to appear in the upcoming film "Dard."

The teaser, edited by Pratik Kar, effectively maintains suspense throughout. Savvy's background score and title track add to the teaser's appeal.

First Look Teaser:

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