36 Ghonta (2024) Web Series Review: Koushik Roy delivered a decent performance

36 Ghonta (2024) Bengali Web Series Review:

Director Jon Halder's mystery thriller 36 Ghonta, starring Koushik Roy, Riya Ganguly, Plaban Basu, & Deboshree Roy in the lead roles, premiered on Klikk on January 31st, 2024.

Businessman Nihar Chatterjee (Koushik Roy) is concerned about repaying money to people as he faces trouble after the stock market crashes. He is going to Jharkhand to collect money from Selim Bhai. His wife, Ankita (Riya Ganguly), called to inform him that an unidentified person came to their house and threatened the family to pay Rs 1 crore.

On the way, he found a car that had met with an accident, and a person severely injured beside it was asking for water. Nihar found a bag full of money inside the car and, unable to control his greed, he took the bag and left the place. The police team, led by Inspector Nandi (Plaban Basu), arrived at the spot to investigate the case. Will Nihar be able to take the money and repay all his loans?

There is hardly any positive aspect to Director Jon Halder’s series, 36 Ghonta. The story is good, but the screenplay, performances, and execution were poor. Only Koushik Roy delivered a decent performance as Nihar. Riya Ganguly, as Nihar’s wife Ankita, had little to do in the script.

Plaban Basu, as the investigating officer, is forgettable. Whether in the scene where he is being beaten by the minister inside the police station or the scene where he arrives at the crime spot for investigation, his expressions and dialogue deliveries are disappointing.

I would suggest watching Raja Rani Romeo and Sin: Whispers on Guilt, both available on Klikk and at least better than what we get in 36 Ghonta from every aspect.


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