Raja Rani Romeo (2023) Review: Jeet Sundar steals the show

Cast of Raja Rani Romeo (2023) Web Series:

Arpan Ghoshal, Swikriti Majumder, Joyjit Banerjee, Jeet Sundar, Ratashree Dutta, Jit Das, Koushani Mukhopadhyay, Manas Mukherjee, Kalyan Ghosh Majumder, Ashok Majumder

Director: Joydip Banerjee

Release Date:

The series premiered on Klikk on 29th December 2023.

Raja Rani Romeo (2023) Bengali Web Series Review:

The story follows Mithun Das (Arpan Ghoshal), an employee at a hotel, who becomes enamored with Gayatri, also known as Rani (Swikriti Majumder), after she forgets her phone at the hotel and he returns it without seeking any favor in return. Gayatri is the wife of Bishnu Adhikari (Joyjit Banerjee), the most powerful man in Paharganj.

Mithun and his friend Guddu (Jeet Sundar) work and live together. Despite Guddu's attempts to convince Mithun to stay away from Gayatri to avoid trouble with Bishnu, Mithun disregards his advice. Gayatri confides in Mithun about the daily physical and verbal abuse she faces from Bishnu.

In an effort to escape Bishnu, Mithun and Gayatri devise a plan to ensure he never finds them. What is the plan, and will they execute it successfully?

The revenge thriller Raja Rani Romeo starts off slowly but gains momentum from the third episode, becoming more engaging due to plot twists. While Joydip Banerjee's direction is passable, there are areas for improvement that were overlooked.

Jeet Sundar shines as Guddu, stealing the show. Credit goes to Joydip Banerjee and Partha Pratim Banerjee for the excellent writing of Guddu's character. However, the dialogue writing by Soumit Deb appears ordinary, with only a few standout lines.

Arpan Ghoshal, known for convincing performances in Hostel Days and Antormahal, delivers a decent performance as Mithun. Despite having the most screen time, his slow dialogue delivery and poor expressions suggest a lack of confidence in portraying this character.

Joyjit Banerjee's portrayal of Bishnu is convincing, though the character's writing could have used more focus. Swikriti Majumder as Gayatri gives an okay performance. Ratashree Dutta, Jit Das, and Manas Mukherjee make decent contributions with their respective characters.

The editing by Koustav Sarkar could be improved by removing unnecessary scenes, and the music composition by Panjal Das is okay, though the background score is forgettable. Cinematographer Anir does a decent job.

Raja Rani Romeo is undoubtedly a superior series compared to others like Picasso and Sin Whispers of Guilt on Klikk. We anticipate even better series on this OTT platform in the future.


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