Peyarar Subash (2024) Teaser: Jaya Ahsan & Nurul Alam Atique’s 2nd Collaboration After Dubshatar

On January 30, 2024, Chorki unveiled the teaser for their upcoming film, Peyarar Subash (The Scent of Sin). Directed by Nurul Alam Atique, the film stars Jaya Ahsan and Tariq Anam Khan in the lead roles and has been jointly produced by Alpha-I and Chorki. It was also selected to be showcased at the 45th Moscow International Film Festival.

The film has been scheduled to be released in theatres on 9th February 2024 in Bangladesh.

This marks the second collaboration between Jaya Ahsan and Director Nurul Alam Atique, following the actress's debut in a lead role in Atique’s previous film, "Dubshatar." Atique's earlier directorial works include "Laal Moroger Jhuti" in 2021, "Manusher Bagan" in 2020, and "Dubshatar" in 2010.

The half-minute teaser deliberately avoids revealing any plot details. It opens with the actress gazing out of a window on a rainy day, and in another scene, she appears visibly frightened while alone in her bridal attire on her wedding night. Tariq Anam Khan is depicted emerging from a bath with soap on his body. Viewers must await the trailer for further insights into the film's storyline.

Jaya Ahsan was previously seen in Srijit Mukherji’s Dawshom Awbotaar, and her upcoming horror thriller Bhootpori is set for release in India on the same date as "Peyarar Subash," which will exclusively premiere in Bangladesh. Tariq Anam Khan's most recent appearance was in Osomoy on Bongo.

Furthermore, Alpha-I and Chorki are collaborating on the upcoming action thriller Toofan, co-produced by SVF Entertainment.


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