36 Ghonta (2024) Web Series: First Look Poster Unveiled

36 Ghonta (2024) Web Series Cast:

Koushik Roy, Riya Ganguly, Plaban Basu, Debashree Roy, Somnath Chakraborty

Director: Jon Halder

Release Date:

The series will premiere on Klikk this January.

36 Ghonta (2024) Bengali Web Series:

On January 9, 2024, the OTT platform Klikk revealed the first look poster for their upcoming thriller, 36 Ghonta. Directed by Jon Halder, the web series stars Koushik Roy and Riya Ganguly in the lead roles, with Plaban Basu, Debashree Roy, and Somnath Chakraborty in supporting roles.

The narrative of 36 Ghonta revolves around the themes of greed, deception, and the challenges faced by businessman Nihar, portrayed by Koushik Roy. Nihar finds himself in financial distress and borrows a substantial sum of money. However, his situation worsens when the stock market crashes, and he is left with the daunting task of repaying the borrowed amount.

As Nihar contemplates how to overcome this financial hurdle, he stumbles upon a damaged car by the roadside, a result of an accident. Inside the car, he discovers a suitcase filled with money. The series unfolds the subsequent events and explores whether Nihar can successfully retrieve the money and navigate the complexities that follow.

Koushik Roy, last seen opposite Sandipta Sen in Bodhon 2, is set to feature in the upcoming project, Punglingo Strilingo.

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