Sin Whispers of Guilt Review: Nilanjan Ghosh impresses with the music composition

Sin Whispers of Guilt (2023) Web Series Review: Only Judhajit Sarkar delivered a convincing performance 

Arunava Khasnobis's written and directed web series, Sin: Whispers of Guilt, premiered on Addatimes on 22nd December 2023. The mystery thriller revolves around Samar Saxena (MD Sahidur Rahman), a suspended police officer haunted by a tragic past, well-supported by his girlfriend Rumi (Tridha Choudhury), a journalist working for the magazine Sotti, run by Sidhu (Judhajit Sarkar).

The death of an unidentified girl brings Inspector Ananta (Pratik Dutta) and his colleague, Samar, together to investigate the case. During their inquiry, they discover a symbol. Will they be able to uncover the killer and the meaning of the symbol?

The mystery thriller series Sin Whispers of Guilt has few redeeming moments, primarily in the last two episodes. Repetitive scenes, subpar character writing, weak subplots, uninspiring background score, and lackluster execution may leave you disappointed by the end.

The backstory of Samar Saxena’s suspension was absent. The chemistry between Samar and Rumi was underdeveloped. The portrayal of the friendship between Ananta and Samar also fell short which could have been the series' strongest aspect.

Judhajit Sarkar, in the role of Sidhu, is the only performer who looks convincing in this series. Sahidur Rahaman, known for his roles in "Skater Girl," "Vikram Vedha," "Kaabil," and "Batla House," shines in the last two episodes only. He had the potential to steal the show, but his dialogue delivery and expressions were disappointing in the initial episodes.

Even Tridha Choudhury, renowned for her role in the Aashram web series, did not convincingly portray her character throughout the series. Pratik Dutta, who recently delivered a convincing supporting role in the Chhotolok web series, failed to make a lasting impact in this series.

Sujan Neel Mukherjee, known for his commendable performances in Shibpur and Pradhan this year, also failed to deliver a convincing performance. Writer-director Arunava Khasnobis had a lot of areas to look into but his direction and the overall execution were not up to the mark.

Nilanjan Ghosh's music composition was decent, but the background score was forgettable. Despite a good storyline, the poor writing, weak performances, and execution let the series Sin Whispers of Guilt down.


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