Nikhonj: The Search Begins Review: An engaging thriller with a few good performances

Cast of Nikhonj (2023) Movie:

Ridhima Ghosh, Somraj Maity, Soham Chakraborty, Abhijit Guha, Sujay Prasad Chatterjee

Director: Aranyak Chatterjee

Nikhonj: The Search Begins (2023) Bengali Movie Review:

Director Aranyak Chatterjee's mystery thriller Nikhonj: The Search Begins, produced by Roadshow Films, Shadow Films, and RT Entertainment, premiered on ZEE5 on October 29, 2023.

The film begins with Tanaya (Ridhima Ghosh), who is deeply worried and unable to locate her husband, Aditya (Somraj Maity), for the past two days after her arrival in London she looks unwell. Tanaya's distress draws the attention of a taxi driver named Smridh, aka Sam (Soham Chakraborty). Initially reluctant to confide in Sam, Tanaya eventually shares her concerns due to his helpful demeanor and his assistance in retrieving her passport.

Sam decides to assist Tanaya in her quest to find her missing husband. As they embark on their search for Aditya, they uncover startling information about Aditya and his association with the ruthless gangster Habib Bhai (Sujay Prasad Chatterjee). Will Sam and Tanaya successfully locate Aditya?

Director Aranyak Chatterjee deserves appreciation for maintaining an engaging narrative throughout the film. However, the writing could have been improved by incorporating more depth into the romantic aspects of both the Tanaya-Aditya and Tanaya-Sam relationships. Also, the plot does not sufficiently clarify why Habib Bhai was initially searching for Tanaya. The dialogues, penned by Aritra Sengupta, are somewhat satisfactory, particularly in the climactic conversation between Soham and Ridhima.

Ridhima Ghosh delivers a brilliant performance as Tanaya, while Sujay Prasad Chatterjee impresses as Habib Bhai. Somraj Maity's portrayal of Aditya is acceptable, although his character lacks depth. Soham Chakraborty's performance as Sam is decent, and Abhijit Guha's portrayal of Chacha is satisfactory.

The screenplay was crafted by Soumyasree Ghosh, Aritra Sengupta, and Anupriya Dutta, with additional screenplay support from Konarok Mukherjee. Nabarun Bose's music composition and background score are commendable. Soumyadipto Guin's cinematography and Sumit Chowdhury's editing are adequate.

Nikhonj: The Search Begins is an engaging thriller directed by Aranyak Chatterjee, featuring noteworthy performances from Ridhima Ghosh, Somraj Maity, Soham Chakraborty, and Sujay Prasad Chatterjee.


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