Kumudini Bhavan Series Review: Arkadeep Mallika Nath wins hearts with brilliant storytelling

Director: Arkadeep Mallika Nath

Kumudini Bhavan (2023) Cast:

Anashua Majumder, Ambarish Bhattacharya, Ushasi Ray, Rishav Basu, Arunima Haldar, Biplap Bandopadhyay, Oindrila Bose, Anushka Chakraborty, Tannistha Biswas, Sneha Das, Barnita Pramanik, Nandita Chandra, Dipannita Sardar, Sangita Pal, Kaberi Basu, Keya Chakraborty, Anirban Das

Release Date:

The series comprising 7 episodes premiered on Hoichoi on 25th August 2023.

Kumudini Bhavan (2023) Review:

The storyline of "Kumudini Bhavan" centers around a girl's hostel named Kumudini Bhavan. The series commences with a scene where the hostel owner (Anashua Majumder), and the girls celebrate the birthday of Durba Ganguly (Arunima Haldar). Durba shares a deep affection with Rik, the hostel owner's grandson (Rishav Basu). During the celebration, each girl in the hostel, as well as the owner, prepares a dish for Durba and feeds her. Tragedy strikes as Durba passes away shortly after, just as she is about to leave for work.

Inspector Hochi Sarkar (Ambarish Bhattacharya), is assigned to investigate the case. Known for having seen 211 deceased individuals during his service, Hochi is a seasoned investigator. Anusree (Ushasi Ray) arrives at the hostel, claiming she had come there based on Durba's reference.

Initially hesitant about Anusree's stay, Hochi eventually relents after Anusree persuades him. She also requests Hochi's assistance in the investigation, to which he agrees. The series delves into the mystery surrounding Durba's death, raising questions about the identity of the killer and Anusree's true background.

The series commences on a strong note, effectively intensifying the intrigue, and maintaining an engaging narrative throughout. Director Arkadeep Mallika Nath deserves commendation for the captivating storytelling. While the writing could have been more refined, particularly in scenes depicting Hochi Sarkar's character, where he is insulted by Anusree, the overall quality remains noteworthy.

The collaboration between Ambarish Bhattacharya and Ushasi Ray stands out as the series' main highlight. The comedic exchanges between them are particularly enjoyable. Ambarish Bhattacharya delivers a standout performance as Hochi Sarkar, skillfully portraying his innocence, lack of expertise, and unconventional approach to solving cases.

Ushasi Ray convincingly embodies the character of Anusree. Her dialogue delivery and expressions maintain a satisfactory standard throughout the series. While she has previously appeared in web series such as Turu Love, Byomkesh Chorabali, Rudrabinar ObhishaapSundarbaner Vidyasaagar, and Gobhir Joler Maach, her portrayal in Kumudini Bhavan web series surpasses her earlier performances.

The supporting cast, including Anashua Majumder as the hostel owner, Rishav Basu as Rik, and Arunima Haldar as Durba, significantly contribute to the series with their well-executed character portrayals.


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