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Director: Joydeep Mukherjee

Music Director: Joy Sarkar

Rudrabinar Obhishaap Cast: 

Vikram Chatterjee, Rupsa Chatterjee, Ditipriya Roy, Sourav Das, Sreelekha Mitra, Sujan Mukherjee, Subhasish Mukherjee, Bhaskar Banerjee, Debshankar Haldar, Sudip Mukherjee

Rudrabinar Obhishaap Web Series

Rudrabinar Obhishaap (2021) Release Date:

The part 1 comprising a total of 9 episodes started streaming on Hoichoi on 24th December 2021.

The much-awaited on-screen pair of Alap and Shruti is finally back after ruling audiences’ hearts with their solid performances in Tansener Tanpura. Let's have a look at how much this series and the pair were able to meet the audience’s expectations in Rudrabinar Obhishaap.

Rudrabinar Obhishaap (2021) Review: Story

The series started by giving us a brief about Rag Sanjivani, a raga in Indian classical music which was created by Tansen. He kept this raga a secret as it was capable of bringing life back to the body of the dead. The Domor community of Rudrapur was blessed to have people good at playing music. Among them, the persons having the highest quality get the opportunity to be trained by Rudrabhairav & they are called Naad.

On the day of Alap and Shruti’s engagement, Alap’s mother was abducted. Alap came to know through a call that he must find out Rag Sanjivani to get back her mother. Then We were introduced to Naad(Sourav Das) but nothing much was revealed about Shaaj(Ditipriya Roy). Jayati Bhatia was replaced by Sreelekha Mitra as Shruti’s mother here.

Alap began his search to solve the mystery of Rag Sanjivani and to get his mother back without telling anyone about her abduction.

Rudrabinar Obhishaap (2021) Review: Performances & Analysis

Sourav Das portrayed the character of Naad with almost perfection. Whether about showing his character’s brutality or showing love to Shaaj or defeating Alap in the music competition, he was unmatched in each & every scene.

The Naad character was certainly very challenging but considering the kind of role Sourav Das has portrayed earlier in his career, he made it look so easy. We have already seen him delivering top-notch performances in web series and movies like Charitraheen, Charitraheen 2, Charitraheen 3, Montu Pilot, Break Up Story, Cheeni, Harano Prapti, Pratidwandi, Rahasya Romancho Series.

After Sourav Dasit was Vikram Chatterjee who despite the poorly written character had delivered a top-notch performance. Ditipriya Roy as Shaaj was convincing during her given screen time. 

Sreelekha Mitra, Sujan Mukherjee, Subhasish Mukherjee, Bhaskar Banerjee, Debshankar Haldar, & Sudip Mukherjee justified their given characters.

Director Joydeep Mukherjee failed to create the chemistry between Alap and Shruti that we had seen in Tansener Tanpura, also his failure in utilizing Rupsa Chatterjee’s character Shruti was visible. The suspense and the thrill looked a bit lost in Rudrabinar Obhishaap.

Rudrabinar Obhishaap Review: The Final Words

Two things that remained unaffected from Tansener Tanpura to Rudrabinar Obhishaap are the music by Joy Sarkar & Vikram Chatterjee’s outstanding performance.

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