Hoichoi Unveils Kumudini Bhavan Trailer: Ushasi Ray & Ambarish Bhattacharya starring upcoming murder mystery

Kumudini Bhavan Web Series Trailer:

Hoichoi has just unveiled the trailer for their upcoming mystery thriller, Kumudini Bhavan, on 9th August 2023. Produced by Mahabahu Motion Pictures and under the direction of debutant filmmaker Arkadeep Mallika Nath, the series is set to premiere on 25th August 2023, exclusively on Hoichoi.

The trailer provides a glimpse into the storyline centered around Kumudini Bhavan, a girls' hostel. The enigmatic demise of Durba Ganguly (Arunima Haldar), a young woman, has cast a cloud of suspicion over everyone residing in the hostel.

Anusree (Ushasi Ray) enters the hostel premises, becoming entwined in the unfolding mystery. Police Officer Hochi and his dedicated team arrive to conduct a thorough investigation into the death.

Anusree, driven by a passion for solving mysteries akin to the renowned detective Byomkesh Bakshi, implores Hochi for an opportunity to contribute to the inquiry. Can Anusree and Hochi successfully unravel the perplexing circumstances surrounding Durba's demise?

The trailer showcases compelling scenes, underscored by a captivating background score, depicting the dynamic interactions between Ushasi Ray and Ambarish Bhattacharya. Additionally, Rishav Basu portrays the character of Rik, a mentally challenged individual and the grandson of Anasuya Majumder.

The impending Hoichoi series lineup boasts other exciting titles, including Mr. Kolketa, Sharey Showlo, and Durgo Rawhoshyo. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey as Kumudini Bhavan delves into the depths of suspense and intrigue.


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