Mon Duare (2024) Review: Tasnia Farin Owns The Show

Writer and Director Hasib Hossain Rakhi's romantic drama Mon Duare, starring Tasnia Farin and Tawsif Mahbub in the lead roles and Abdullah Rana, Payel, Disha, Heera, Hanif Palowan, Sukonna in the supporting roles, premiered on February 13, 2024, during Valentine's week on the Cinemawala YouTube channel.

The story revolves around Tithi (Tasnia Farin), who tells her mother she's going to her friend's house with another friend when in reality, she's going alone. She fibs because her mother wouldn't permit her to go alone. On the platform, she meets Shriyan (Tawsif Mahbub), who coincidentally is also headed to the same destination as Tithi. The romantic drama unfolds as they fall in love during their journey.

Tasnia Farin shines as Tithi, the talkative girl, delivering an outstanding performance. Her character's writing is brilliant, and she portrays it beautifully. Writer-director Hasib Hossain Rakhi deserves praise for crafting the character and fully utilizing Tasnia Farin's talents. The actress recently impressed audiences with her performance in Osomoy.

Tawsif Mahbub as Shriyan convincingly portrays his character in most scenes, though he seems a bit weaker in emotional moments. The chemistry between Tithi and Shriyan is another highlight of this romantic drama Mon Duare.

The music composition by Sojib Das and the background score by Apple Mahmud Emil are praiseworthy. Cinematographer Bikash Saha effectively captures some amazing moments throughout the film.


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