Trap (2024) Trailer: Apu Biswas & Joy Chowdhury’s 2nd Collaboration After Hitman

Trap (2024) Movie Cast:

Apu Biswas, Joy Chowdhury, Borda Mithu, Joy Raj, Don, Sorol Hasmot, Shahrukh, Deen Vai

Director: Deen Islam

Release Date:

The film will hit the theatres on 9th February 2024.

Trap: The Untold Story (2024) Movie Trailer Review:

On January 27th, 2024, Tiger Media unveiled the trailer for the upcoming cybercrime thriller, Trap: The Untold Story, directed by Deen Islam. The film stars Apu Biswas and Joy Chowdhury in the lead roles, with Borda Mithu, Joy Raj, Don, Sorol Hasmot, Shahrukh, and Deen Vai in supporting roles.

The two-and-a-half-minute trailer begins with a hacker inviting viewers into his world. It features romantic scenes between Apu Biswas and Joy Chowdhury. Joy Chowdhury, portraying a bank manager, becomes ensnared by the hacker, who demands a large sum of money he refuses to provide. The hacker hacks private videos and blackmails individuals for money. Will the hacker face consequences for his crimes?

However, the trailer's editing was subpar, revealing too many plot details. Additionally, the action sequences and background score fell short of expectations. The chemistry between Apu Biswas and Joy Chowdhury promises to be a major attraction in the film.

The story was written by Nurjahan Begum, with music composed by Belal Hossain Chanchal and M.A. Rahman, and cinematography by Elahi Hossain Sohag. Director Deen Islam will handle the editing, while Deloaer Hossain Dilu and Zumman will choreograph the action stunts. "Trap: The Untold Story" marks the second collaboration between Apu Biswas and Joy Chowdhury since "Hitman" in 2014.

For Apu Biswas, Trap: The Untold Story represents her 90th film since her debut in director Amzad Hossain's "Kaal Sokale" in 2005. She was last seen in director Bandhan Biswas's Lal Shari and is set to appear in upcoming films such as Chhaya Brikkho and Opare Chondroboti.


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