36 Ghonta Web Series Trailer: Jon Halder’s mystery thriller premieres this January

36 Ghonta (2024) Bengali Web Series Trailer: 

On 18th January 2024, Klikk unveiled the trailer of their upcoming mystery thriller 36 Ghonta. The series, directed by Jon Halder, features Koushik Roy and Riya Ganguly. The web series is set to premiere on Klikk this January.

The one-and-a-half-minute trailer unfolds with businessman Nihar (Koushik Roy) walking into a forest, accompanied by another person. In a subsequent scene, tension rises as Nihar points a gun at that unidentified person.

Through a phone call, he desperately pleads to talk to his wife, Isha (Riya Ganguly), who is in the process of confirming her decision to divorce him. Nihar stumbles upon a suitcase filled with money during his financial crisis, attracting the attention of those who claim ownership.

A parallel storyline follows a police team investigating a murder case in the forest, led by Plaban Basu. Will the police uncover the identity of the killer? Can Nihar successfully bring the money back home?

While the trailer's editing is well-executed, there are noticeable shortcomings in the production value. Koushik Roy and Riya Ganguly emerge as the main attractions of the series. Following the success of Bodhon 2, expectations are high for Koushik Roy to deliver another compelling performance in the upcoming series 36 Ghonta.


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