Bodhon 2 (2023) Review: Sandipta Sen & Indrasish Roy delivered praiseworthy performances

Bodhon 2 (2023) Bengali Web Series Review:

Aditi Roy Directorial crime thriller Bodhon Season 2 starring Sandipta Sen, Koushik Roy, Indrasish Roy, Loknath Dey, Biplab Banerjee, Ranjini Chatterjee, Nandini Dutta, Debojyoti Roy Chowdhury, Soume Chatterjee, Debdutta Raha, Saptarshi Roy, & Sampurna Mondal premiered on Hoichoi on 22nd December 2023.

The story revolves around Raka Sen (Sandipta Sen), who is traveling to Ipilpur with her husband Riju (Koushik Roy). Riju, a divisional commissioner, is headed to Ipilpur for an official assignment. Unfortunately, their journey takes an unpleasant turn when, during a stop near a forest for some quality time, they face humiliation at the hands of Sukhen Chowdhury (Indrasish Roy), the son of MP Satyaprakash Chowdhury (Loknath Dey), and his gang.

Upon reaching Ipilpur, Raka discovers a disturbing reality: girls from the village are forced into early marriages and subjected to human trafficking. The narrative sheds light on how influential figures like Satyaprakash and Sukhen manipulate the lives of the local populace. Can Raka Sen rescue the village girls from the clutches of human trafficking?

One of the standout elements of Bodhon 2 is the compelling face-off between the protagonist, portrayed by Sandipta Sen, and the antagonist, played by Indrasish Roy. The character development for both roles is commendable, and the actors deliver stellar performances. Though Indrasish Roy's character bears similarities to his role in Lokkhi Chele.

While the screenplay crafted by Sarbari Ghosal effectively maintains engagement throughout, the dialogue writing falls short of excellence. The characters of Satyaprakash, played by Loknath Dey, and Riju, portrayed by Koushik Roy, could have been better developed. With limited opportunities for them to shine, especially, Loknath Dey had nothing much to show barring his entry scene.

Aditi Roy's direction is satisfactory, and Subhadeep Guha's background score complements the screenplay, generating the necessary thrills for this thriller. Cinematographer Ramyadip Saha and Editor Subhajit Singha make decent contributions to the overall production.

The storyline doesn't bring much uniqueness to the table, addressing themes of human trafficking that have been explored in various movies and web series, most recently in Raj Chakraborty's Abar Proloy. Bodhon 2 manages to captivate audiences with its engaging screenplay and strong performances, particularly in the central conflict between Sandipta Sen and Indrasish Roy's characters. The series premiered on Hoichoi on 22nd December 2023.


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