Sampurna 2 Trailer: Sohini Sarkar & Kaushik Sen are the main attractions in new season

Sampurna 2 Web Series Cast:

Sohini Sarkar, Rajnandini Paul, Kaushik Sen, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Manasi Sinha, Laboni Sarkar, Anubhav Kanjilal, Prantik Banerjee, Rajat Ganguly

Director: Sayantan Ghosal

Hoichoi's Sampurna 2 Trailer:

Hoichoi has finally unveiled the highly anticipated trailer for the upcoming mystery thriller Sampurna 2. The trailer, which runs for approximately two and a half minutes, commences by showcasing a few scenes from Sampurna's (Sohini Sarkar) wedding to Piku (Prantik Chatterjee). This second season continues the legal battle between Nandini (Rajnandini Paul) and Ruku (Anubhav Kanjilal), picking up where Sampurna Season 1 left off.

Just when Sampurna was on the brink of losing the case, with the opposition lawyer making strides in proving that Nandini had falsely accused her husband, Ruku, Hirak Lahiri (Kaushik Sen) arrives at the court and requests to represent Nandini's case. Seeing Hirak Lahiri in court prompts Sampurna to revisit the traumatic past that marred the beginning of her married life with Piku.

At the age of 10, she was molested by Hirak Lahiri, who has since become a renowned advocate. Will she now summon the courage to confront Hirak Lahiri? Will Nandini emerge victorious in her case against her husband? We'll need to wait until 29th September 2023 when Hoichoi releases the answers.

The trailer provides significant insight into the plot of Sampurna 2, which may appear somewhat predictable and lacking in uniqueness. Director Sayantan Ghosal has previously demonstrated the ability to engage audiences even with weaker plots, as seen in Indu Season 1, Roktokorobi on ZEE5, and Gora Season 1. Thus, we can hope that he will not disappoint us this time with the second season of this popular TV show.

The main attractions of this new season are Sohini Sarkar and Kaushik Sen. Kaushik Sen, a versatile actor, recently delivered a compelling performance in Mr. Kolketa on Hoichoi. In addition to him, the second season also features actors like Bhaswar Chatterjee and Manasi Sinha in pivotal roles.


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