Roktokorobi (2023) Review: A Promising Plot Hindered by Poor Execution

Director: Sayantan Ghosal

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Creative Director: Sahana Dutta

Star Cast:

Vikram Chatterjee, Raima Sen, Bhashwar Chatterjee, Haridas Chatterjee, Laboni Sarkar, Angana Roy, Kinjal Nanda, Shantilal Mukherjee, Animesh Bhaduri, Tulika Bose, Abhijit Guha, Rooqma Roy, Kaushiki Guha, Priyanka Bhattacharjee, Amila Sadhukhan, Animesh Bhaduri, Biplab Dasgupta

Release Date:

The Bengali web series Roktokorobi comprising 11 episodes was released on 3rd February 2023 on ZEE5.

Roktokorobi (2023) Bengali Web Series Review: Story & Performances

The plot of "Roktokorobi" revolves around Satyaki (Vikram Chatterjee), a self-conceited psychologist who is soon to be married to his fiancé Bidula (Rooqma Roy). However, just a few days after opening his chamber, his world is turned upside down when his first patient dies by suicide. His parents Sumonto (Abhijit Guha) and Reboti (Kaushiki Guha) become worried about their son's mental health.

Satyaki is then asked by his cousin Saibal (Bhashwar Chatterjee) and Saibal's wife Ranja (Raima Sen) to visit their house in Uraldanga, where a series of mysterious events occur, including the deaths of key family members. The other members of the household include Bhulu Jethu (Haridas Chatterjee), Bithi (Laboni Sarkar), Meghla (Angana Roy), Sottoboti (Tulika Bose), and Radhaprosonno (Shantilal Mukherjee). Will Satyaki be able to solve the mysteries?

The best part of "Roktokorobi" is undoubtedly Vikram Chatterjee's performance as Satyaki. Despite his character being poorly written, Chatterjee delivers a top-notch performance that deserves a lot of appreciation. Other notable performances include Angana Roy as Meghla, Rooqma Roy as Bidula, and Kinjal Kumar Nanda as Ashish.

Unfortunately, the worst part of the series is the way Raima Sen's character was written. She hallucinates only certain things at certain times and is unable to differentiate between two different people. This inconsistency in her character is frustrating and takes away from the overall story.

The story itself is unnecessarily stretched and lacks progression across the six episodes. This is a similar issue to that seen in Sahana Dutta's recent series "Indu 2," which premiered on Hoichoi. The way the mysteries are revealed also leads to a lack of audience engagement.

The execution of certain scenes is also poor, with some scenes suffering from awful editing. For example, after Saibal's death, Raima Sen delivers her dialogue and then leaves, while the rest of the members stand there without any expression or dialogue.

Overall, "Roktokorobi" had potential, but unfortunately falls short due to poor execution. Director Sayantan Ghosal failed to impress, despite promising cinematography by Tuban and a decent background score by Binit Ranjan Maitra.

In conclusion, "Roktokorobi" is only worth watching on ZEE5 for Vikram Chatterjee's outstanding performance, but otherwise may not be worth your time.


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