Tumiheena (2024) Review: Khairul Basar impresses in this romantic drama

Sazzad Hossain Bappi's directorial romantic drama 'Tumiheena,' starring Khairul Basar & Sabila Nur in the lead roles and Shahiduzzaman Selim, Shlipi Sarkar Apu, Arfan Mredha Shiblu, Tonushry Tonny, Shamim Hossain Sahil, Ahaduzzam in the supporting roles was released on February 15th, 2024, on the YouTube channel of Cinemawala. The story revolves around Asif Irfan (Khairul Basar), who travels to meet his Facebook friend Jyoti (Sabila Nur) due to his admiration for the statuses she posts every night on her profile, despite her lack of response to his messages or calls. Will Asif be able to win Jyoti’s love?

Tumiheena presents a watchable romantic drama crafted by writer-director Sazzad Hossain Bappi. Khairul Basar impresses yet again with a solid performance as Asif Irfan, while Sabila Nur delivers a convincing portrayal of Jyoti. This marks the first on-screen collaboration between Khairul Basar and Sabila Nur, and their chemistry shines, keeping audiences engaged until the end. Shahiduzzaman Selim and Shlipi Sarkar Apu, portraying Jyoti's parents, provide good support with their performances.

The music composition by Shubhro Raha & Salman Jaim stands out as another highlight of this romantic drama, complementing the storyline effectively. Fuad Bin Alamgir’s cinematography and Rashed Rabbi’s editing contribute decently to the overall production quality."

Sazzad Hossain Bappi has previously directed films such as 'Marriage Breaker' and 'Compromise'. Khairul Basar, known for his role in Mohanagar, also recently appeared in Gaiya.


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