Tikit (2024) Web Series Review: Siam Ahmed impresses in this Vicky Zahed directorial thriller

Tikit (2024) Web Series Review: Director Vicky Zahed’s engaging mystery thriller

Vicky Zahed's directorial mystery thriller Tikit, starring Siam Ahmed, Safa Kabir, Manoj Pramanik, Abdullah Al Sentu, and Joy Raj, premiered on Chorki on February 1, 2024.

Shalek (Siam Ahmed) finds himself burdened with debts owed to people from whom he borrowed money for the company he works for. However, the company has deceived him, leaving him responsible for repaying the borrowed funds.

Alongside his friend Aata (Manoj Pramanik), Shalek boards a bus where they encounter an old man who recently won a lottery worth Rs 50 Lacs. Succumbing to greed, Shalek and Aata resort to killing the old man. The question remains: Will they successfully claim the lottery ticket's prize money?

The plot of Tikit is largely engaging, with Siam Ahmed delivering a commendable performance. The character development, particularly Shalek's backstory and his relationship with Subarna (Safa Kabir), is well-written, and credits Mohammad Nazim Uddin for his brilliant writing. The plot twists, especially in the last two episodes, are compelling.

Manoj Pramanik delivers a convincing performance, although providing a backstory for his character to establish his bond with Shalek would have enhanced his portrayal. Safa Kabir excels as Subarna, delivering a noteworthy performance. Abdullah Al Sentu, portraying the bus helper with a stammering issue, delivers a decent performance, and Joy Raj's portrayal of a poet is commendable. While the comic timing is impressive, some dialogues appear rather ordinary.

The screenplay by Nazim Ud Daula & Vicky Zahed could have been stronger, and the editing by Jobayer Abir Peal could have been improved by removing a few unnecessary scenes. The background score by Aurnob Hasnat is impressive and complements the engaging narrative.

Although expectations were high for Vicky Zahed, he managed to deliver a decent mystery thriller this time. Sumon Sarker's cinematography is satisfactory. Siam Ahmed's solid performance in Antarjal in 2023 has raised anticipation for his upcoming projects, including "Shaan 2," "Biopic," "Ittefaq," "Swapnobaji," "Rasta," and "Operation Jackpot."


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