Tikit (2024) Teaser: Vicky Zahed’s upcoming thriller premieres on 1st February on Chorki

Tikit (2024) Cast:

Siam Ahmed, Safa Kabir, Manoj Pramanik, Sentu

Director: Vicky Zahed

Release Date:

The mystery thriller will premiere on 1st February 2024 on Chorki

Tikit (2024) Web Series Teaser Review:

On January 24, 2024, the OTT platform Chorki unveiled the official teaser for their upcoming mystery thriller, Tikit. Directed by Vicky Zahed, the series features Siam Ahmed, Safa Kabir, Manoj Pramanik, and Sentu in lead roles.

The thirty-second teaser intentionally withholds details about the plot, opening with a scene on a bus where Siam Ahmed is seated, casting an intense gaze towards someone. Safa Kabir occupies another seat, accompanied by a man who appears to be watching behind. The tension escalates as the police enter the bus, discovering a ticket in the hands of an elderly man and a bomb inside. Manoj Pramanik and Sentu also make appearances in the teaser, leaving viewers intrigued as they await the unraveling of the mystery.

Vicky Zahed, known for his previous successful directorial ventures such as "Ami Ki Tumi," "Shuklopkkho," "Punorjonmo," "Chirokal Aaj," "Aaj Amar Pala," and "Moments," adds to the anticipation surrounding Tikit.

Siam Ahmed, an actor with National Film Awards to his credit, has a lineup of upcoming films, including "Shaan 2," "Biopic," "Ittefaq," "Swapnobaji," "Rasta," and "Operation Jackpot." Safa Kabir, known for her roles in web series like "Boli," "Gone Case," and "Kuhelika," brings her talent to the mysterious world of Tikit.


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