Gaami (2024) Movie: Vishwak Sen starring upcoming film's release date confirmed

Gaami (2024) Movie Cast:

Vishwak Sen, Chandini Chowdary

Director: Vidyadhar Kagita

Release Date:

The film will be released in theatres on 8th March 2024

Gaami (2024) Telugu Movie: Vidyadhar Kagita and Vishwak Sen's Maiden Collaboration

On February 7th, 2024, UV Creations confirmed the release date of their upcoming film Gaami, directed by Vidyadhar Kagita. The film stars Vishwak Sen as the male lead and Chandini Chowdary as the female lead. The film has been produced by Karthik Sabareesh.

 This is the first time Vishwak Sen and Chandini Chowdary will share the screen space. "Gaami" marks the big screen debut of director Vidyadhar Kagita, who previously directed short films like "Vaitarani" in 2015 and "Vara" in 2017.

Vishwak Sen, known for his roles in "Ee Nagaraniki Emaindhi" and "HIT: The First Case," was last seen in the horror thriller "Boo" and will also be featured in upcoming films like Gangs of Godavari and VS10.

Chandini Chowdary, known for her role in the romantic comedy film "Saba Nayagan," was last seen in the same genre last year. This also marks the first collaboration between director Vidyadhar Kagita, Vishwak Sen, and Chandini Chowdary.

Gaami Movie Poster

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