Booking (2024) Romantic Drama Review: Pori Moni & ABM Sumon's Impressive On-Screen Chemistry

Mizanur Rahman Aryan's directorial romantic drama Booking, starring ABM Sumon and Pori Moni in the lead roles and Sushama Sarker, Shilpi Sarkar Opu, Mahadi Hasan Pial in supporting roles, premiered on Bongo on February 14, 2024, coinciding with Valentine’s Day.

The story centers around Shihab (ABM Sumon), who is in search of a suitable bride for himself. He encounters Tania (Pori Moni) while dropping off his nephew Bablu at school. Tania asks Shihab for a ride to Brac Bank and offers him Rs 20. Instantly drawn to her, Shihab requests his sister-in-law (Sushama Sarker) to propose marriage to Tania’s parents. Will Tania accept Shihab as her groom?

The narrative of Booking is charming and fitting for an occasion like Valentine’s Day. ABM Sumon and Pori Moni deliver convincing performances, and their on-screen chemistry is a highlight of the drama. Sajid Sarker’s music composition and Mizanur Rahman Aryan’s screenplay and direction add to the overall appeal of the production.

Pori Moni was last seen in Chayanika Chowdhury's Kagojer Bou while ABM Sumon was last seen in Dipankar Dipon's Antarjal.

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