Antormahal (2023) Review: Abhrajit Sen wins hearts with top-notch storytelling

Cast of Antormahal (2023):

Ishaa Saha, Saurav Das, Swastika Dutta Arpan Ghoshal, Writa Datta Chakraborty, Sreetama Roychowdhury, Ishani Sengupta, Manisankar Banerjee, Tomali Chaudhury,

Director: Abhrajit Sen

Release Date:

The series comprising 6 episodes premiered on Hoichoi on 24th November 2023.

Antormahal (2023) Review: Ishaa Saha once again steals the show

The story of Antormahal revolves around a couple, Riti (Ishaa Saha) and Indra (Saurav Das), who have been happily married for five years. Both of them agree that their relationship is mature and maintains an exceptional bond not often seen in other couples. 

However, when it comes to pregnancy, Indra holds a different opinion, and Riti bears the brunt of the in-laws' family tantrums for not conceiving. Following the doctor's advice, Riti undergoes pregnancy tests and urges Indra to do the same. Will Indra overcome his fear of societal judgment and go for the semen test? The tagline "Pregnancy is a two-way game" encapsulates the essence of this series.

Abhrajit Sen, known for his storytelling prowess in Dakghor on Hoichoi, demonstrates his ability to handle a sensitive topic in this romantic family drama Antormahal. He skillfully conveys a message that society often disagrees with, presenting it beautifully through this series. While the series experiences a slow pace in the middle, there are a few weaknesses to highlight. Neel B Mitra's screenplay and dialogues captivate the audience, keeping them engaged. He adeptly covers important subplots, contributing to the overall narrative.

The series adeptly explores various relationships, be it the chemistry between Riti and Indra, the bond between Riti and her mother-in-law (Writa Datta Chakraborty), or the connections with her friend Abhishek (Arpan Ghoshal) and Indra's ex-girlfriend Priya (Swastika Dutta). Each subplot receives sufficient focus, propelling the narrative forward.

Ishaa Saha once again steals the show with her stunning performance as Riti. Her character undergoes significant challenges, and her portrayal sheds light on the extremes to which society can go in certain cases. This isn't the first time she has delivered such a compelling performance, with her previous work in the OTT space, especially in Indu and Gora, being noteworthy.

Saurav Das, as Indra, delivers an acceptable performance, though he could have brought more depth to emotional scenes. Writa Datta Chakraborty convincingly portrays Riti's mother-in-law.

Arpan Ghoshal shines in his limited screen time as Riti's friend Abhishek. His character is well-written, and he flawlessly delivers dialogues with the right emotions, reminiscent of his solid performance in Hostel Days.

The music and background score by Shibasish Banerjee are decent, and Sanglap Bhowmik's editing is satisfactory. Special mention goes to Ramyadip Saha's cinematography. The series concludes in a way that suggests the possibility of Antarmahal Season 2 in the near future.

The series has been dubbed in Hindi titled The Inside Story and is streaming on Hoichoi now.


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