Bengal Police Chapter 1: M16-Release Date Confirmed

Bengal Police Chapter 1: M16 (2024) Cast:

Jeetu Kamal, Biswanath Basu

Director: MN Rajh

Release Date:

The film arrives in theatres on EID 2024 clashing with Ankush Hazra’s Mirza

Bengal Police Chapter 1: M16 (2024) Bengali Movie:

On December 15, 2023, NexGen Venture, the production house, unveiled a new teaser and officially announced the release date for their upcoming Bengali movie Bengal Police Chapter 1: M16. Directed by MN Rajh, the film is set to hit theaters on EID 2024.

The 1.5-minute teaser exclusively features glimpses of the star-studded cast but maintains secrecy around the plot details. Jeetu Kamal will take on the role of the protagonist, portraying a cop, while Biswanath Basu is set to play the antagonist, Nagraj.

MN Raj achieved success with his directorial debut, Raavan starring Jeet. However, Jeetu Kamal's previous film, Manush: Child of Destiny, featuring Jeet in the lead role, didn't perform well at the box office.

The action-packed thriller, Bengal Police Chapter 1: M16, is produced by Piyali Chatterjee under the Nextgen Ventures production house. Badal Sarkar serves as the cinematographer, Vijay Raj as the editor, and the music for the film will be composed by Pritam, Deb, and Loy-Deep.

The confirmation of the release date was exclusively made on YouTube. Notably, there is no corresponding announcement on social media platforms from either the director or the actor. The production house currently does not have a presence on any social media platform.

New Teaser:

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