Foot Fairy Movie Review: An Unresolved Mystery

Movie: Foot Fairy

Director: Kanishk Verma

Music: Jeet Ganguli

Footfairy (2020) Hindi Movie Cast:

Gulshan Devaiah, Sagarika Ghatge, Kunal Roy Kapur, Ashish Pathode,

Yogesh Soman, Karan Aravind Bendre


Release Date:

The movie was released on 24th October 2020 and is streaming on &pictures.

Foot Fairy (2020) Hindi Movie Review: Story & Performances

CBI officer Vivaan Deshmukh (played by Gulshan Devaiah) is considered among

the top officers. He was handed over the foot fairy case.

In search for the serial killer, Vivaan Deshmukh & his team started the

investigation. They did not get any clue about the killer from the crime scene.

From CCTV footage they found a suspect and his khaki uniform was giving an indication that he might be a taxi driver.

At the same time, a taxi driver was arrested at Bandra Police Station. After

interrogating him they understood he was not the killer. Vivaan went to his

colleague Harsh’s (played by Ashish Pathode) house wher he met Devika

(played by Sagarika Ghatge).

Slowly they get close to each other and finally fall for each other. The pressure

was increasing on Vivaan as the serial killer again murdered another victim.

On the day of the first victim’s prayer meeting, they decided to make an attempt to find the killer but failed.

After some serious investigation, they found Ravi Kaley as another suspect.

But after hearing his story and some proof that indicates his innocence, had

taken the case back where it was.

Some clues from his colleagues and information from Devika helped Vivaan to

find the suspect. He suspected Joshua Mathews(played by Kunal Roy Kapur),

a restaurant owner, to be the foot fairy. 

Kanishk Verma made his directorial debut with the Foot Fairy movie. The murder

mystery lacks some great suspense. The unusual ending of the movie might keep

you wondering about it.

The versatile actor Gulshan Devaiah as the CBI officer was quite impressive.

Some notable performances from Sagarika Ghatge, Kunal Roy Kapur, Ashish

Pathode made this psychological crime thriller worth watching.

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