Sandipta Sen Starring Noshtoneer 2 Web Series Will Be Streaming on Hoichoi This July

On 30th June 2024, Hoichoi confirmed that the upcoming web series Noshtoneer 2, directed by Aditi Roy, will be streaming on the platform this July. The series, starring Sandipta Sen in the lead role, is the sequel to "Noshtoneer."

In the climax of season 1, the story took a turn, bringing many more challenges for Aparna, aka Apu (Sandipta Sen). She now has the responsibility of their daughter, Mithi. How will Rishav's (Shoumo Banerjee) actions impact their daughter's life? Will Apu be able to save her daughter and lead a happy life, forgetting what her husband did to her?

This year, Aditi Roy's only web series released was Lojja starring Priyanka Sarkar in the lead role. Sandipta Sen was last seen in Bodhon 2, and "Noshtoneer 2" will be her first project of 2024.

Sandipta Sen in Noshtoneer 2 Web Series

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