Lojja (2024) Bengali Web Series Review: Indrasish Roy & Priyanka Sarkar Delivered Convincing Performances

Aditi Roy's directorial web series Lojja, starring Priyanka Sarkar, Anujoy Chattopadhyay, Srija Halum, Sneha Chatterjee, Indrasish Roy, Kheyali Dastidar, Indrajit Mazumder, and Saoli Chattopadhyay, premiered on Hoichoi on 22nd March 2024.

The story revolves around Jaya Sinha (played by Priyanka Sarkar), one of the most impoverished female characters you might encounter in a movie or web series. Jaya works at an NGO and is frequently subjected to abuse by her husband, Partha Sinha (Anujoy Chattopadhyay). Unfortunately, she is disliked by almost everyone, including her sister-in-law (Kheyali Dastidar), her husband, her daughter Shruti, her sister Tiya, and others.

Only three people in her life genuinely care for her: her elder brother (Indrajit Mazumder), her sister-in-law (Sneha Chatterjee), and her colleague Mou (Saoli Chattopadhyay). The turning point in her life comes when she finds her husband's verbal abuse unbearable, leaving her in a constant state of depression. Will Jaya stand up against her husband's abuse?

The standout performances from Indrasish Roy and Priyanka Sarkar in the final episode are the saving grace of the Lojja web series. Director Aditi Roy's message about the prevalent issue of verbal abuse, which many women endure silently for the sake of family, is commendable and deserves appreciation.

However, Lojja suffers from weak scriptwriting and character development. Shruti’s character is particularly inconsistent. At times, she shows concern for her mother, but in the next moment, she insults her. In one scene, Shruti chastises Jaya for not knocking before entering her room while she was using her phone. Yet, as Jaya is about to leave, Shruti calls her back, seeking her mother's affection.

You will get some relief in the last episode watching Indrasish Roy and Priyanka Sarkar delivering some praiseworthy lines convincingly. The characters of Sneha Chatterjee, Indrajit Mazumder, & Saoli Chattopadhyay should have been given a bit more focus; however, they provided decent contributions with their respective characters. The way the series ended probably hinted at Lojja Season 2 coming soon.

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