Boomerang (2024) Bengali Movie Trailer: Jeet, Rukmini, Saurav, Comedy & VFX Are Impressive

On May 24, 2024, Jeetz Filmworks unveiled the official trailer of their upcoming sci-fi romantic comedy film Boomerang. This film marks the first collaboration between director Sauvik Kundu and superstar Jeet, with Rukmini Maitra as the female lead. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 7, 2024, alongside Kaushik Ganguly's Ajogya.

The nearly 3-minute trailer begins with Jeet flying on a superbike to save a little boy. Based on director Falguni Chatterjee's famous play "Punoray Ruby Ray," the film tells the story of Samar Sen (Jeet), a scientist whose love life and relationships with family and friends are affected after he creates a robot named Nisha (Rukmini Maitra), who looks like his girlfriend Isha (also Rukmini Maitra). Apart from Samar and his assistant Ayan (Saurav Das), no one knows that Nisha is a robot. The film will unveil how everyone reacts upon discovering the truth and how it impacts Samar's life.

Comedy is the strongest element of the Boomerang trailer. Jeet excels in delivering comedy scenes, as evidenced by his performances in films like "Awara" and "Josh." The comedy scenes featuring Saurav Das are also hilarious, especially the one where Rukmini Maitra jumps into his lap and asks, "Kothay Kosto Kaku?" to which he replies, "O Tumi Bujhbe Na Maa." Over the years, Saurav Das has delivered top-notch performances in the comedy-drama genre, and we hope he continues his good form in this film too.

Another memorable line comes from Ambarish Bhattacharya: "Kochi Boumar Koley Buro Sasur Doley." The last scene of the trailer likely introduces the robotic version of Jeet with superpowers, resembling Superman. 

Rukmini Maitra's portrayal of the robotic version is praiseworthy, except for the scene where she is walking on the ceiling. The film boasts top stars like Rajatava Dutta, Kharaj Mukherjee, Biswanath Basu, and Ambarish Bhattacharya, who almost never miss the opportunity to impress audiences with their comic timing. The dialogue and VFX are also eye-catching in this trailer.

Preme Pora Baron fame Debchandrima is portraying the character of Sourav Das's girlfriend. Rajatava Dutta plays the role of Rukmini Maitra's father. The makers unveiled the official teaser on Poila Boisakh while the second official poster was unveiled on 18th May 2024.

The trailer launch event took place at Star Theatre, where the film's cast and crew were present. Rukmini Maitra and Saurav Das shared their excitement about their respective characters and the opportunity to work alongside Jeet for the first time. 

There are high expectations for Boomerang as the film marks Jeet's return to the romantic comedy genre after delivering back-to-back action thrillers like Raavan, Chengiz, and Manush: Child of Destiny. So far, everything looks promising, and we will see on June 7 how much audiences appreciate the Jeet-Sauvik Kundu and Jeet-Rukmini Maitra pairs.


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