Chengiz (2023) Bengali Movie Review: Jeet delivers a stunning performance in this fast-paced narrative

Chengiz Movie Cast:

Jeet, Susmita Chatterjee, Rohit Roy, Shataf Figar, Sudip Mukherjee, Mousumi Das, Biswarup Biswas, Indrajit Majumder

Director: Rajesh Ganguly

Release Date:

The period action thriller produced by Jeet, Gopal Madnani, & Amit Jumrani under the banners Grassroot Entertainment & Jeetz Filmworks was released in theatres on 21st April 2023 in Bengali and Hindi simultaneously.

Chengiz (2023) Bengali Movie Review:

Journalism student Debjani Roy visits former ACP Samir Sinha (Rohit Roy) to gather information on Calcutta’s underworld for her journal on its history. She is particularly interested in Jaydev Singh, aka Chengiz (Jeet), who ruled the underworld from the 1970s-1990s.

Samir Sinha narrates Jaydev's story, starting with his parents' tragic death and his subsequent desire for revenge. Jaydev catches the attention of Omar, aka Nalli Bhai (Shataf Figar), and becomes Chengiz after indulging his greed for power. The rest of the plot revolves around the supremacy of Chengiz and his battle with his rivals and the Police.

Jeet delivers an impressive performance, delivering whistle-worthy punchlines and making action sequences a treat to watch. He carries the film on his shoulders and keeps the audience engaged from beginning to end. Shataf Figar as Nalli Bhai also looks impressive, and his battle with Jaydev is another highlight of this film. Rohit Roy's as Samir Sinha is not so good in the first half but becomes more interesting in the second.

Susmita Chatterjee's performance as Nandini is underwhelming due to poor writing, and her chemistry with Jeet is forgettable. Writers Neeraj Pandey and Rajesh Ganguly missed several opportunities to improve the script.

Director Rajesh Ganguly fails to deliver a film comparable to his impressive debut, The Royal Bengal Tiger. Some scenes are poorly executed, such as when Samir Sinha wishes Nandini goodbye, and her expression is emotionless.

Music Directors Kaushik Guddu & Aneek Dhar's compositions, particularly the songs "Ragada" and "Widda," are well done and perfectly complemented by Imran Saradhariya's choreography. Anbu Shelvan's background score effectively conveys emotion, enhancing the cinematic experience.

Action Director Stunt Silva delivers some stunning action sequences, and Jeet's performance as an action hero is unmatched in Bengali cinema.

Chengiz is a one-man show by Jeet, who carries the film and lives the character. Shataf Figar's fine performance, the action sequences, the music and background score, and the twist in the second half make for an enjoyable cinematic experience. However, the underwhelming performances of other actors and missed opportunities in the script detract from the overall quality.

Chengiz Box office collection:

Chengiz has a box office collection of Rs. 1.3 Crores after 2 days of business in India. It will be too early to say how much the film will earn at the box office but hats off to Jeet for showing the courage to take the Bengali film industry to another level and surely there will be higher expectations from his upcoming films Manush: Child of Destiny & Boomerang.

Trailer (Bengali Version):

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