Basanta Ese Gyachhe (2024) Web Series Review: Arpan Ghoshal is the show-stealer

Abhimanyu Mukherjee's directorial romantic drama web series Basanta Ese Gyachhe, starring Arpan Ghoshal, Swastika Dutta, and Sakshi Saha, premiered on Addatimes on May 24, 2024. The story revolves around Chandrima (Swastika Dutta), who is married to Nishan (Arpan Ghoshal), a mathematics teacher at a coaching center. After the miscarriage of their first baby, Chandrima often faces panic attacks.

Tiyasa (Sakshi Saha), a student at the coaching center where Nishan teaches, falls in love with him. Tiyasa’s mother, Mitali (Dipanwita Nath), who is separated from her husband, runs a beauty parlor to meet their daily needs. Initially reluctant to propose to Nishan upon learning he is married, Tiyasa later decides he might be unhappy in his marriage and goes on to propose to him.

Upon learning from Nishan that a girl from his coaching center gave him a love letter, Chandrima decides to test whether the girl's feelings are genuine or just infatuation and requests Nishan to play along with her plan. Will Nishan accept Chandrima’s request? Will he accept Tiyasa’s proposal?

Arpan Ghoshal is the standout performer in Basanta Ese Gyachhe web series. His portrayal of Nishan, who goes to great lengths to fulfill his wife’s wishes, will make you believe in love. However, adding more depth to his character, particularly his backstory with Chandrima, could have made the story more engaging.

Arpan Ghoshal has been showing promise since his appearance in the web series Hostel Days on Hoichoi in 2022. He has delivered decent performances in series like Abhrajit Sen's Antormahal and Raja Rani Romeo, and he will also be featured in Arna Mukhopadhyay’s upcoming film Athhoi.

Sakshi Saha, in her debut, delivered a convincing performance as Tiyasa. Overall, her dialogue delivery and expressions were fine, except for the emotional scenes where she needs significant improvement. Swastika Dutta, as Chandrima, delivered a decent performance, though her character suffers from weak writing.

The development of Chandrima’s relationship with Nishan was insufficient, and her character’s inner conflict was not properly explored. Dipanwita Nath, as Tiyasa’s mother Mitali, was convincing in her limited screen presence. However, Mitali’s backstory, establishing her relationship with her husband and daughter, was missing.

After a long time, Abhimanyu Mukherjee impresses with his storytelling. Savvy, who recently impressed with his composition in Preme Pora Baron web series, did a fantastic job here too. The title track’s happy and sad versions are both amazing, performed by Rupak Tiwari and Antara Bhattacharya.


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